A'Whora Veronica Green video

Drag Race’s A’Whora has apologised for comments made about Veronica Green in online video

‘I value Veronica, and devalue myself in this situation’

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season two queen A’Whora has issued a lengthy apology to her season two competitor and now season three queen Veronica Green over a video that circulated online of her heavily criticising Green in a way many fans deemed unacceptable.

The video was taken during a show, where A’Whora and Tayce were taking part in a game of Snog, Marry, Kill. A’Whora says first that she would snog Asttina Mandella, marry Bimini Bon Boulash and then kill Veronica. A’Whora said: “I would kill Veronica Mean. Why? Because she’s shit. She’s annoying and she’s a little c*nt backstage.”

Warning: Potential spoilers for season three of Drag Race UK below

A’Whora then goes on to seemingly leak some information on where Veronica Green places in season three of Drag Race UK, which has currently only aired one episode. “Also, she gets kicked out fairly early on season three so why not fuck her off again.” The full video was tweeted below:

Tayce also responded to the question, saying she would snog Bimini, marry Cherry Valentine and, again, kill Veronica Green – saying “because she’s a cocky slag.”

On Twitter, there was a lot of fan backlash to the video, with some calling for World Of Wonder (the production company behind RuPaul’s Drag Race and Drag Race UK) to take action against A’Whora for the potential spoiler. One wrote: “Perhaps a lesson in kindness will only be learnt if World of Wonder takes legal action for the leaking of this spoiler. Such unnecessary words there. You can throw shade without resorting to verbal bashing.” Another said “she’s still the same mean girl from season two. A leopard never changes its spots, I suppose.”

A’Whora tweeted her lengthy apology to the backlash yesterday, saying she had been drinking and meant it more lighthearted than it came across. “Speaking on the video that surfaced from a show between me and Tayce many months back, I want to apologise publicly to Veronica. My priority before this statement after seeing the video was to apologise to Veronica firsthand.

“Nothing I said was meant in malice, harm or to try and damage someone’s character. I take full responsibility of what I said and in how the nature of us was perceived. I am not proud of it. In this situation, I had gotten drunk with the girls and being playful in my Q&A section but that is still no excuse.”

A’Whora continued with her video apology: “I value Veronica Green, and devalue myself in this situation. She is a good person and doesn’t deserve to hear those kind of comments even in jest. I love Veronica, she is a sister to me and my season sisters and now a greater addition to her current. For this I am deeply sorry.”

Veronica Green is yet to respond directly to A’Whora’s apology, but did tweet shortly after the apology went up to thank her fans for the support. “The love I’ve received over the last few days has truly touched me. I’m grateful to have so many friends, fans and followers and I want to thank everyone for their kindness.”

Featured image courtesy of BBC.

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