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People are hearing this Sam Smith TikTok audio loads of different ways and my head hurts

Okay but what actually comes after ‘and I wanted you to know’???

A new TikTok audio of a Sam Smith “and I wanted you to know” song has become the Yanny and Laurel debate of 2021 and honestly? It’s making my head hurt.

First came *that* dress, which no one could decide if it was blue and black or white and gold. Then there was the Yanny/Laurel audio, and last year we had the TikTok audio which might have said flame, might have said 4am, and might have said about one million other things.

But now there’s a new TikTok audio, which everyone is hearing in SO many different ways – it’s from a Sam Smith song, and goes “and I wanted you to know that …” But no one knows what comes after.

Lots of people are saying it’s “you’re the one designed for me”, but people are saying it’s actually “by the way she’s safe with me”. And people are also hearing “you’re the one who saved me”, and “by the way you saved me”.

Listen for yourself and see what you hear:

@aabster♬ original sound – armina

Some people are saying what you hear depends on which line you’re reading on the TikTok, and tbh I agree – I can hear all of them. But where does the “and I wanted you to know” TikTok audio come from, and what’s the TRUTH?

Well, the lyric is from Sam Smith song Make It To Me. If you haven’t listened, it’s a banger and you definitely should – although (like all of Sam’s songs) it’s a sad one, so get the tissues at the ready.

Anyway, the actual lyric Sam sings is “and I wanted you to know that
you’re the one designed for me”. So, now you know the truth.

You can listen to the full song from the ‘and I wanted you to know’ TikTok audio here:

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