I refuse to believe the Outnumbered kids are adults: Here’s what they’re all up to now

I suddenly feel one million years old

Outnumbered was an absolutely iconic TV show of our childhoods. For years we watched Ben always try and invent something dangerous, Karen ask cute questions, and Jake get annoyed at the both of them. But Outnumbered first aired over 14 years ago and, as all children do, the Outnumbered kids are now all grown up (brb, sobbing). But what, I hear you ask, are the Outnumbered children up to now?

The three actors who played the Outnumbered kids have seemingly met up recently, as they’ve all posted the same photo on Instagram this week. Tyger Drew-Honey, who played Jake, captioned it simply “Family. #Outnumbered”, whilst Daniel Roche, who played his brother Ben, wrote: “No more of COVID keeping the fam apart”. And Ramona Marquez, who played Karen, knew exactly how we’d all be feeling, because she captioned her Insta with “Feel old yet” – and yes, Ramona, yes we do.

Here’s what each of the three Outnumbered kids have been up to since the show ended, and where they all are now:

Tyger Drew-Honey – Jake

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Tyger Drew-Honey was probably the first boy you ever fancied – he’s now 25 years old, and he’s still acting.

He played Greg Davies’ son in BBC series Cuckoo (you know, the one with Taylor Lautner), as well as starring in CBBC show Friday Download. Tyger has been in loads more films, TV shows and theatre productions since Outnumbered.

He has 53,000 Insta followers and posts lots of pics of him and his dogs. Tyger also has an Insta video showing him solving a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute, which is pretty impressive.

Tyger went on Celebs Go Dating a few years ago, but has since said he “hated every minute of it”.

Earlier this year, he told Metro: “I didn’t enjoy that show at all. I was struggling with a few things in my life at that time and it was possibly the worst thing I could have done.

“I had such bad anxiety about how I was going to come across. I hated every minute of it and, yeah, my chat-up lines were kind of shit.” He added: “I have a girlfriend now who I love very much.”

Daniel Roche – Ben

outnumbered, children, kids, now, where are they

Daniel has changed a LOT since playing Ben. He started at King’s College London back in 2018, and immediately joined their rugby club – I mean, just look at this pic of him. He’s absolutely stacked:

He’s also been part of the Wasps Rugby Academy, Middlesex Rugby and played for Rugby School.

Daniel apparently loves a big night out – in the past he’s been spotted at Fab N Fresh, a favourite haunt of all Birmingham students, and was once filmed chanting “ketamine” at Boomtown. His pre-pandemic Instagram pics regularly feature nights out, too.

Daniel has just over 40k followers right now, and his Instagram bio says he’s an actor from London. Despite this, however, according to his IMDb Daniel hasn’t acted in anything since 2016.

Daniel was born in 1999, making him 21 right now.

Ramona Marquez – Karen

outnumbered, children, kids, now, where are they

Judging by her Instagram, Ramona is a big bucket hat fan and regularly dyes her hair different colours – those blonde curls from her Outnumbered days are long gone.

Honestly? Ramona is SUCH a vibe. She’s vegan, has a load of tattoos, her wardrobe is to die for and she looks like a walking Depop advert.

Back in 2019, The Tab revealed Ramona was a fresher at Manchester Uni, and she was regularly spotted around Manchester bars and clubs.

She reportedly studies Spanish and Mandarin, and would be going in to her third year this autumn.


When she was younger, Ramona acted in a handful of things other than Outnumbered – including The King’s Speech and Arthur Christmas. Ramona was born in 2001, making her 20 years old right now.

Ramona has 114k followers on Instagram, and looks incredibly fun. Back in 2017, Ramona famously lost her phone at Boomtown – only to have it returned to her by someone else who went to the festival.

Featured image via Instagram @__princess__mo__

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