Which Bridesmaids girl are you spiritually aligned with? Take this quiz to find out

You’re gonna climb this quiz like a tree x

Bridesmaids gives us some great quotes and hilarious scenes, but none of this would be possible without the absolutely jokes characters at the centre of its story. All the Bridesmaids girls are SO different, and you’re definitely spiritually aligned with one of them.

Annie’s a chaotic mess who can be a bit intense but is an incredibly loyal friend. Megan is the ultimate hype woman every friendship group needs, funny af and never afraid to dish out some tough love.

Boujee Helen loves the life of luxury and spares no expense when it comes to her food, house or holidays – and her wardrobe is to die for. And Rita’s the life and soul of the party who absolutely loves a night out and is always buying the whole group round after round of shots.

Sorry in advance if you get Lilian or Becca. Lilian wouldn’t think twice before ditching her mates the second she gets a boyfriend, and Becca’s an overgrown child who values Disney over anything else and is essentially the human equivalent of a plain ham sandwich.

So which Bridesmaids girl are you, in your heart and soul? Take this quiz to find out:

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