Third years share 22 things they wish they’d known about first year

Viewing your second year house is a must

Moving to uni for the first time can feel very daunting, especially if you have no idea what to expect. What if I don’t like my flatmates? Which clubs should I go to? And most importantly, how do I use a tin opener? Once you reach third year all of these worries will feel like a distant memory and you’ll be longing to be a naïve fresher once again.

It’s a nervy time. The Tab spoke to students going into their third and final year and gathered together all of their best advice into one handy article for you. So here’s a list of 22 things that third years said they wish they knew before starting first year:

1. Say yes to everything

Whether it’s a trip to Aldi with your new flatmates or pre drinks in a flat you’ve not been to before, don’t be afraid of saying yes to plans – even if they’re not something you’d usually do.

2. You will feel overwhelmed at the start

Trying to make new friends, attending different talks and a Freshers’ Fair, the first week of uni can feel like a lot to take it in. Don’t feel disheartened if you’re not settling into it all straight away.

3. Do not add everyone you meet on Snapchat or Instagram

Unless you want to spend the rest of the year watching random stories of someone you met in the club toilets.

4. Don’t write off friendships straight away

If you meet someone and at first they don’t seem like your kind of person, don’t automatically stop getting to know them. One of the best parts of Freshers’ Week is getting to meet people from different backgrounds with different experiences to you. You never know, that person sat next to you in your seminar could end up being one of your closest friends.

5. Find a friend who can always get you on the club guest list

You do not want to be spending half the night sobering up in the queue for the club, find a friend who’s always prepared and can get you on the guest list beforehand.

6. Don’t bother doing a bin or cleaning rota

Everyone attempts to make a flat cleaning rota but it ends up being forgotten within the first month. You don’t want to be the person who sends passive aggressive messages into the flat WhatsApp group when someone’s forgotten their day.

7. Don’t leave all your stuff everywhere in the kitchen

Sharing a flat with new people is very different to living at home, don’t leave all your dirty dishes across the kitchen. No one wants to cook around your baking tray with burnt chips on it.

8. No matter how cold it is avoid getting an Uber home

Get a taxi or walk home with a group of people to save paying £20 for a five minute trip. Uber’s are notoriously expensive and getting one after every single night out will really drain you bank account.

9. Don’t go to edgy bars for pres

If you’re moving away from home for the first time, it may be tempting to try out all the cool bars your uni town has to offer but don’t waste your money going there for pres. A trip to Spoons or drinks in your flat will be enough to get you started for the night, save the nice bars for when you want a good Insta story.

10. Never walk home by yourself

When you’re tired and your bed is calling, it may seem tempting to get home as soon as possible. Always make sure you have someone to go with you, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar place.

11. No one takes a jacket on a night out

Even if it’s November, most people don’t take a jacket out with them –  cloakrooms are such a pain and most of the time are cash only.

12. Don’t buy a pint in the club

Stick to shots or spirits, unless you fancy spilling the majority of your drink before you’re back from the bar.

13. You will leave every assignment till the last minute

In the first few weeks you tell yourself that you’ll always stay on top of deadlines and seminar readings. By the time your first essay is due, an all-nighter in the library will be calling.

14. Actually go to the library

It might seem boring but the library is the best place to concentrate away from your loud flatmates.

15. Budgeting your money in Freshers’ Week won’t work

No matter how many times you tell your family you’ll spend your money wisely, in the first week it’ll go out of the window. Don’t worry, everyone is exactly the same.

16. Make the most of the university services

Whether it’s a careers talk or a one-to-one meeting with your lecturer, take up all of the opportunities that you can. After all, you’re paying enough to be there.

17. Never commit flatcest

Avoid spending the rest of the year not being able to look your flatmate in the eyes. Just don’t do it.

18. The smoking area is the best place to make friends

Whether you smoke or not, it’s always full of different people to talk to.

19. Seminars are so intimidating at first

Sitting around a table discussing a book you’ve just read is intense, most of the time people feel just as nervous as you do.

20. Avoid buying branded food if you don’t need to

Spending all of your money in Tesco or Sainsbury’s will really drain your funds after a while, stick to non-branded food for basics. Tesco’s Finest bread is not essential. The same goes for alcohol, all vodka tastes the same with mixer.

21. Leave all of your expensive kitchenware at home

Your beloved Le Creuset dish will end up getting smashed after a week.

22. Make sure to view your second year house before you sign

You do not want to be turning up to move in at the start of second year to find that your house looks nothing like the pictures and is practically falling apart. Just one viewing will be enough for you to determine if it’s too grim even for students to live in.

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