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Meet Choriza May: Newcastle’s Spanish queen bringing silliness to Drag Race UK season three

‘I’m an immigrant queen, but my drag was born in the UK’

Less than a week, people. Less than a WEEK. Next Thursday at 7pm we will be chomping at the bit for Drag Race UK season three to finally hit our screens. Even though the rip-roaring success of Drag Race UK season three only ended in March, the last few months without it have felt like a lifetime. Several lifetimes actually. But we’re in touching distance of another batch of queens, memes, iconic moments and gag-worthy runways. And one queen hoping to take that Drag Race UK season three crown is the Geordie-Spanish queen Choriza May.

Choriza May should probably win Drag Race UK season three for her Theresa May punning name alone, but here’s all the other reasons why she’s a contender, along with everything you need to know about her!

She describes herself as ‘Newcastle’s spiciest, meatiest and silliest sausage’

30-year-old Choriza May started her drag career in Newcastle, after moving to the north east from Valencia, Spain. Choriza says her immigrant status is incredibly important to her drag and for representation. “As an immigrant queen, I’m someone with a slightly different background to the other queens in the competition – but my drag was born in the UK. There are millions of European immigrants in the UK, and I’m so happy to be representing them.”

Choriza May says that Valencia and Newcastle actually have a lot in common, despite the vastly contrasting climate. “In Spain people are so tanned, and they’re the same in Newcastle! Okay, so, it might be fake – But it feels the same!” Choriza says she loves the UK: “I was expecting everyone in the UK to be very serious, but I love Newcastle and the north. Everyone is so nice. I just felt at home.”

What can we expect from Choriza May’s drag?

Choriza May says she likes to take audiences on a journey with her drag, and they should expect the likes of puppets, live singing, dancing, projection and spoken word. “I mix all those together to tell my silly stories!”

Her drag was inspired by things she didn’t have the confidence to do when she was younger

Choriza May has said like many drag queens that getting into drag makes her feel more fearless, and allows her to do stuff she wouldn’t feel confident enough to otherwise.

When asked what her strengths are, she confidently states: “I’m a funny queen, I love making people laugh. I’m very emotional and I love connecting people through my art. I’m also a graphic designer and I’m incredibly creative.”

Why does Choriza May deserve to be the Drag Race UK’s next drag superstar?

“I’m passionate and unique, and I bring a breath of fresh air to the competition.”

Save the start date because Drag Race UK season three premieres 23rd September on BBC iPlayer. For all the latest Drag Race memes and Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

Featured image courtesy of BBC / @chorizamay.  

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