Lil Nas X lyrics quiz

Only an Industry Baby is getting 10/10 on this Lil Nas X lyrics quiz

Call me when you want, call me when you need

It’s hard to find someone in the music industry doing it quite like Lil Nas X. Unabashedly queer, black excellence in a way we’ve truly never seen on a mainstream scale like this.  Fast forward two years from the Old Town Road chart smash success to today and we finally have Lil Nas X’s critically debut album MONTERO in our hands. There is truly no better time for a Lil Nas X lyrics quiz than this!

But how well do you know the lyrics to all the bangers our queer king of pop rap has treated us to in his career so far? Can you tell your Old Town Roads from your Paninis? Do you have the verses to Rodeo on lock? Holiday was a pseudo-Christmas banger, but can you remember all the quasi-festive lyrics off by heart? Call Me By Your Name was number one and had us all in a permanent Nas X chokehold back in March but can you nail the verses? Yeah? PROVE IT. Take the Lil Nas X lyrics quiz below:

The way Lil Nas X crafts his visuals and his songs is game changing to hip-hop and pop, and we’ve never really had a chart topper quite like him. Old Town Road is officially the longest running number one in Billboard chart history – not a bad achievement from a song that Nas spent $30 on the beat for when he bought it online.

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