Lizzo lyrics quiz

You’ll only feel good as hell if you get 12/12 on this Lizzo lyrics quiz

Only super fans welcome – truth hurts, guys x

LIZZO IS BACK! Finally! And just like that, after the bleakest 18 months in living memory the world feels a little brighter again. There’s something so infectiously joyous and euphoric about Lizzo, her music and her videos that is like a sun bursting through the clouds on a shit day. She’s teamed up with Cardi B for her new single Rumors, and it’s just as good as a collaboration that iconic was always going to be. So, naturally, it’s the perfect time for a Lizzo lyrics quiz.

Whether you’ve been there from the OG days of Lizzobangers, whether you jumped on board accidentally stumbling upon Good As Hell and Phone in 2016 or if you fell head over heels with the cultural reset that was the 2019 sleeper hit success of Truth Hurts, Lizzo has really proved she’s one of the most bombastic and exciting artists in the pop landscape and had everybody sitting up in the chairs listening to what she had to say. Songs that make you feel sexy, empowered and like a bad bitch – everything pop music should make you feel.

But how well do you actually know her lyrics that prop up her bops? Do you know the correct order of all the boy types she says she’s in to in Boys? Do you know where she’s telling Jerome to take his ass? Do you know where the hell her phone is? If you want a little bit of Lizzo and some more, take this lyrics quiz and see if you can call yourself a super fan after all.

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