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Quiz: Which Lady Gaga era are you REALLY?

If you’re the Cheek to Cheek era, stay away from me


The career defining Gaga album turned 10 this weekend. 10 years of Born This Way, Judas, Edge of Glory, Marry The Night! If that doesn’t make you feel old nothing will.

No one really does an era like Lady Gaga. The Fame defined itself with its neon colours and Bowie-esque lightning bolts across Gaga’s face. The Fame Monster took it to McQueen and back again. Born This Way was all skulls and biblical imagery. ARTPOP a balls to the wall art and fashion explosion. Joanne a ride-em-cowboy country detour. Chromatica sci-fi pop euphoria. A Star Is Born proved her talents and shut up any Gaga detractors. And Cheek to Cheek? That’s one for your gran.

Every era was chock full of iconic references and fashion moments that jump out to different people for different reasons. Maybe you love the chaos and carnage of ARTPOP, the Andy Warhol inspired album many retroactively deemed ahead of its time, spawning the #JusticeForARTPOP campaign. Maybe you take comfort in the familiarity of The Fame – that big, late 00s pop sound that takes you back to high school and trying desperately to do Poker Face choreography in your bedroom.

There’s a reason the world is gaga for Lady Gaga. She’s proven time and time again she’s no one trick pony. A pop star, a dancer, an award winning actress. She’s been dominating the charts for over 13 years, and just when her haters are writing her off, she comes back different and defiant. But are you RockGa, JazzGa or PopGa?

Take this quiz and find out EXACTLY  what Lady Gaga era you are:

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