Bake Off 2021 Instagrams

Inside the sweet-toothed Instagrams of this year’s Great British Bake Off contestants

I want to be best mates with all of them!!

The Great British Bake Off 2021 is making a return to our screens next week. Watching all of them for weeks on end means we get to know the level of their baking talent pretty quickly, but what are they like outside of the tent? We have a big selection of bakers this year, from Bake Off’s first ever vegan contestant to a wild swimmer – this year is already radiating immaculate vibes. So let’s kick start Bake Off 2021 by sinking our teeth into the Instagrams of this year’s bakers:


via @amanda_foreverbaking on Instagram

Instagram: @amanda_foreverbaking 

Amanda made her very first post on Instagram back in June this year. She shares a few wholesome holiday pics as well as her tasty looking bakes. To be honest, she seems like a bit of a hun – just look at this pic she shared after she went wild swimming in the Hampstead ponds. J’adore her already.

“#Readytotakeontheday” – I bloody bet you are, Amanda.


Instagram: @thelatebloomeruk

Chigs’ Instagram is the full package. Not only has he got several photos of yummy looking bakes posted onto his grid, (plus a really funny username) but he also has the ability to make you unexpectedly weep while you stalk his profile.

Obviously going on Bake Off is really exciting and all the bakers have been posting their pictures and sharing thank you posts for all the love they’ve received. But Chigs’ post was especially wholesome. He uploaded a photo of him in the newspaper and the swipe photo was him and his Grandad!! Ugh I love Chigs and his Grandad so much!!!!


Instagram: @juergenthebread

We all know Jürgen as the baker who plays the trombone. It’s clear it’s one of his favourite hobbies alongside baking because he has a whole post on Instagram dedicated to his trombone. I couldn’t tell you what song he is learning but I’m going to take a pretty good guess and say it’s WAP by Cardi B.


via @crystellepereira on Instagram

Instagram: @crystellepereira

By the looks of her Instagram, Crystelle’s only talent isn’t baking. She’s clearly got a good eye for what makes an aesthetically pleasing Instagram grid. She posts gorgeous photos and always chooses the perfect filter, just look at this one she snapped on her holibobs to South Korea.

Her bio is pretty jokes as well, it says “90 per cent chaos, 10 per cent baking”.


via @freyacox_ on Instagram

Instagram: @freyacox_

Being the youngest baker in the tent, it should come as no surprise to you that Freya has the most followers out of everyone. She’s currently on 5,509 and has revealed in her bio that she’s a model as well as being a psychology student.

Unlike the other bakers, Freya doesn’t post any baking content onto her grid but she does share it in her highlights. Instead, she posts modelling photos which often include her posing with her horse. Just like any other teenage girl, she loves a mirror selfie which we see in abundance in her highlight called “:)!”.


Bake Off 2021 Instagrams

via @giuseppecooks on Instagram

Instagram: @giuseppecooks

Giuseppe sadly only has two posts on his grid, both of them are him in hardcore Bake Off mode. His captions for them, though, are soooo jokes. In one photo he’s sifting flour and he’s captioned it “Things you can only do if your wife is not around to check how much flour you spilled on the floor.” And let me tell you, he is getting ALL the laughs in his comment section right now so he is definitely worth a follow.


via @maggietheseasidebaker on Instagram

Instagram: @maggietheseasidebake

She’s one of this year’s oldest bakers but her Instagram game is genuinely better than most. She has immaculate vibes, just look at the photo she shared of her posing next to herself on the TV – she’s wearing the same dress!! Not sure if that was intentional but it was appreciated either way.


Bake Off 2021 Instagrams

via @lizzieacker_ on Instagram

Instagram: @lizzieacker_

I can’t be the only one who is shook to the core that a bake off contestant has a lip tattoo?? It’s mad. Anyway, this is Lizzie. Her Instagram has really good vibes and she often posts nice photos of her dog. She doesn’t really post any pictures of her bakes but what she lacks in sweet treats, she makes up for in dog content.


via @george_bake_ari on Instagram

Instagram: @george_bake_ari

George made his first post on Instagram two days ago and of course it was a loaf of bread he baked. His Instagram is probably the one that’s most heavily revolved around baking considering all six posts are baking related. But what I can tell you is that he’s got an excellent talent of delivering a pun. His Instagram bio says, “Everything I Dough, I Dough It For You.” – tell me you’re doing The Great British Bake Off 2021 without telling me you’re doing The Great British Bake Off 2021.


Bake Off 2021 Instagrams

via @rochica__ on Instagram

Instagram: @rochica__

Back in 2018 Rochica shared a post on her Instagram revealing she had graduated from Surrey University with a first class degree in Science! Absolutely stunning! And since then she has shared four other pictures of her life post-graduation. Two of them are of course related to going on Bake Off. She even shared a photo of a birthday cake she made for herself – we’re obsessed!


via @toofarfletched on Instagram

Instagram: @toofarfletched

Tom’s mum described him as a “midnight baker” which is an understatement when you see how many bakes he’s posted onto Instagram! He must be churning out cakes 24/7!! They all look very tasty indeed.

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