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Every cursed moment from Addison Rae’s new Netflix movie He’s All That

It’s Addison Rae throwing horse poo for me💀

Over the weekend Netflix dropped Addison Rae’s first ever movie, He’s All That. Naturally, a lot of us wasted 90 minutes of our lives that we will never get back. The movie focused around Padgett Sawyer, played by Addison, who’s a big influencer specialising in makeovers. She takes on a bet to transform an unpopular kid into a hot prom king. And yeah sure, even though Addison’s acting isn’t horrifying, it doesn’t mean it’s good either.

The plot is mega confusing and it’s whole social media focus doesn’t help. The movie features a few weird side characters like Padgett’s toxic best mate and Cameron’s weird younger sister who calls him hot and manipulates him into going to prom by using their dead mother against him. It’s also featuring Kourtney Kardashian who honestly looks as though she’s reading her lines off a screen, but we’ll get to that soon.

I don’t want to be dramatic but I knew going into this how bad it was going to be. I had a feeling in my bones so after a glass of gin and half a bottle of wine, I pressed play. Anyway, here are all the batshit moments that happened in Netflix’s He’s All That:

There’s aggressive product placement throughout the movie

Hun, I couldn’t work out whether I was watching a Netflix movie or teleshopping because the amount of real life brands I saw was criminal. Not to mention Padgett is a beauty guru, right? She goes live on Instagram in her bedroom surrounded by all of these high marker beauty products and someone asks her how to get rid of a raging spot, she tells them: toothpaste and a hot cotton wool pad. But not once did I see a tube of Aquafresh in her gaff.

Tell me you’re friends with Kourtney Kardashian without telling me you’re friends with Kourtney Kardashian

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We all know Kourtney and Addison Rae are mates, it’s still unknown why but for some reason they’re friends. Having Kourtney in this film felt a bit like “Tell me you’re friends with Kourtney Kardashian without telling me you’re friends with Kourtney Kardashian” – I didn’t really see a need for her to feature. But alas she did, and her acting felt like I was chewing on a rock. Her acting was actually worse than Addison’s, which is saying something.

She plays Padgett’s savage manager and finishes every phone call with “Love ya” – it all felt a bit too on brand. Not the best acting, but we still love ya, Kourt x

Padgett handing out leaflets without handing out leaflets was cursed

What was the point of this?? Who had the idea for Padgett to hand out leaflets without actually handing them out? You know what, it wouldn’t be that bad if she didn’t already hand out two of them and then continue to be filmed with her EMPTY HAND dishing out others. And what in the fresh leafleting hell was that paper sound effect they played over it? I hated every second of this scene.

Padgett lands in horse shit and then throws it at Cameron!!

He's All That Netflix

pure evil

Padgett takes horse riding lessons in an attempt to lure Cameron in close enough she can give him a makeover without realising. And to be fair to her, she seems like a natural until she needs to get herself off the horse. She falls off and lands in a big pile of horse shit. Cameron laughed and so did I to be fair, but what came after was so cursed. Padgett, with her hands, picked up horse poo and threw it at him!! She full on grabbed a big ball of it and lobbed it at this poor boy.

The Teenage Dream singing scene makes me with I didn’t have ears

He's All That, Netflix

This is possibly the cringiest movie scenes I have ever watched and maybe it was the gin but I did have to remove Teenage Dream off my playlists as a result. Addison’s dancing was like watching behind the scenes of her filming a TikTok and I felt like I was committing a crime.

Watching her dance and sing Katy Perry had the same energy as when you’d put on talent shows with your cousins when you were younger and you forced your parents to sit down and watch. It was like that, only Addison Rae is 20 and being genuine.

Padgett’s facial expression when she realises Cameron has abs was minging

close that trap!!

Not only does Padgett’s jaw drop at his abs but she continues to film him shirtless on a TikTok live whilst his sister and best mate are there?? Not to mention her follower count going up because of it. I can’t deal with this whole social media focused plot.

On a side note, why does Cameron have to keep the beanie on?? Is it keeping his wig in place or is it just the universal costume of every unpopular kid ever? I hate his wooly hat with a passion.

Cameron’s sister brings up their dead mother to try and convince him to go to prom

He's All That, Netflix

via Netflix

Okay but why is Cameron’s little sister so cursed? She’s so annoying and straight up weird. Mid-way through his makeover, Cameron tells Padgett his mum died in a helicopter crash. His little sister, Brin, tells him Padgett makes him just as happy as their mum did when she was alive. Which is very weird!! Right??

Baring in mind at this point Padgett and Cameron have only known each other for like two days and Brin shits herself with excitement over the idea of being mates with an influencer like Padgett.

‘If you weren’t your brother I’d say you look pretty hot’

Cameron’s sister Brin strikes again and this time was a step too far. I’m all for making people feel happy, telling someone they look nice can really change their mood. But telling a sibling they look hot is too much. Maybe I’d have accepted it or even not clocked if she didn’t say “If you weren’t my brother” before it. It’s not right, time for Brin to get in the bin!!

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