Ranking all your fave teen girl movies based on how iconic their outfits are

So fetch x

Teen girl movies really are an elite genre of cinema. Ever since they began in the early 90s, these films have defined generations of teenagers, bringing us iconic characters, quotes, and of course teen girl icons.

And whilst they can be ranked on numerous factors including the cast, message, and soundtrack, it’s important to remember one thing that these movies all have in common: the absolute ICONIC outfits. We’re talking about films that brought us Elle Wood’s courtroom dress, on Wednesdays we wear pink, and *the* stuffed olive costume.

So here’s a considered ranking, from worst to best, of all the iconic outfits in teen girl movies.

9. High School Musical

Now before you come at me, I’m not saying that High School Musical doesn’t have any iconic outfits because it absolutely does, but compared to the likes of Elle Woods, High School Musical really lacks in the wardrobe department.

Sharpay’s poolside fit during Fabulous, however, exquisite. The co-ordinated lounger and cover-up? Chef’s kiss. Love the ginormous star necklace too, perfect.

Gabriella on the other hand, oh dear. This outfit has High School Musical soaring and flying to the bottom of this ranking. What is with the skirt? Seriously looking like it’s made of her Nan’s curtains and not in a cute vintage, bought it on Etsy way. Paired with her lab coat, this look really ain’t it.

And just before you thought it couldn’t get any worse? You see Troy’s shirt. An abomination.

8. Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging

Don’t get me wrong, I think the outfits in Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging are atrocious and it was a difficult decision to place it above High School Musical. However, it has to move up a place purely for the stuffed olive costume. I mean who can listen to She’s So Lovely without picturing Georgia Nicolson running down the Eastbourne seafront dressed as a stuffed olive?

On the other hand THIS monstrosity needs to get in the bin. I understand that they are like 14 here and this feels slightly like cyberbullying but my god is this awful. It’s such peak British year seven energy. The stripey tights and huge belt combined with the purple zip-up hoodie is definitely something I would don at my year six disco.

Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging is iconic for a lot of reasons but outfits is definitely not one of them. The beads and the hair here. Just wow.

Bonus points for Libby dressing Angus up in some iconic looks though.

7. The Princess Diaries

You definitely weren’t a teen girl in the early 2000s if you didn’t dream of being Mia Thermopolis post-makeover. Or even pre-makeover. Her Docs were very cool and definitely ahead of their time.

The floral ball gown paired with the tiara couldn’t be more regal. The British Royal Family are quaking right now. And Julie Andrews elevating the look as always, icon.

This, on the other hand really ain’t it. I get that she has to be regal and professional in royal duties and all that but this blue suit aged the poor gal about 40 years. And what an earth is that god-awful butterfly broach? Honestly just stick some joggers on or something, I beg.

But if my grandmother could tell me that I’m the princess of Genovia right now that would be great, thanks.

6. 13 going on 30

Jenna’s rainbow dress from the iconic dance scene would one hundred per cent be found in Urban Outfitters today, very Y2K. And if the dress wasn’t enough, the shoes co-ordinated with the giant blue butterfly necklace really ties it all together.

This fit looks like it should belong in Mean Girls. Did she wear this on a Wednesday? Had to be a Wednesday.

The baby pink paired with the rhinestoned heart on the tank top is such cute vibes. Jenna might have frantically thrown these outfits together after finding she went from tween to adult but they still absolutely bang. Girl boss energy x

5. Bratz

Jade’s “Passion 4 Fashion” truly brings us some brilliant looks in the Bratz movie. There’s so much to unpack here: Chloe’s stripey arm warmers, Jade’s blue highlights, Sasha’s bright blue heart necklace, all truly brilliant. Screams bratitude.

The chunky belts over low rise jeans really ain’t it though, unfortunately.

The Bratz Movie’s villain, Meredith, although seemingly evil, also has some banging outfits in the movie. I mean LOOK at this. The blue bikini and headband are such vibes on top of the float which is literally REMOTE CONTROL. Very jealous and I’m seeing cinematic parallels between this and Elle’s iconic sun lounger in Legally Blonde. Legends only x

This look wouldn’t go amiss on this season’s Love Island tbh. Incred x

4. Wild Child

At first glance, Wild Child may be a rogue choice for this high on the list, but Poppy Moore’s outfits alone deserve an Oscar. So many Malibu moments x

This outfit for Poppy’s big arrival at Abbey Mount is perfection. The huge fuck off sunglasses? Perfect. The baby pink skinny jeans? Exquisite. Chunk gold jewelry? Screams early 2000s. I have just only just now noticed how appalling her blonde wig is though, how did we used to believe that was real?

Who areeee we?

The most iconic fashion scene in Wild Child of course has to be this bad boy. Alexa play About You Now by the Sugar Babes because the outfits here paired with the music are truly iconic. The fur coat, combined with the crown? Magical.

Stylish and from a charity shop? They’re sustainable legends and we love to see it.

Poppy definitely gave herself the best deal here though because I’m really not sure what’s going on with the purple monstrosity to her left or poor Drippy’s get up. Still legendary though. Can’t decide if I wanna be Poppy more because of her wardrobe or because of Freddy Kingsley.

3. Mean Girls

The fashion in Mean Girls is just peak Y2K and I love it. The Plastic’s low rise jeans, little bags, mini skirts and cardigans really wouldn’t be out of place on Instagram in 2021. But maybe just three times the price on Depop.

The Jingle Bell Rock costume is one of the most iconic outfits to come out of modern cinema and I LOVE IT. Again another outfit that loses points for the low rise skirts however, I just cannot get behind them.

“On Wednesdays we wear pink” really shaped an entire generation and it’s not hard to see why. Controversial opinion though: Regina definitely isn’t the most fetch out of the Plastics. Justice for Gretchen and Karen, their outfits would make a 2021 Depop girl WEEP with envy.

Now this. This is the blueprint. Can you really can’t get any more iconic than the Halloween costumes in Mean Girls? It just screams bad bitch energy and I’m so here for it. I think it’s the little fluffy cuffs. Exquisite.

Bonus points for Regina still managing to look good in a neck brace at the end of the film too. So fetch x

2. Clueless

There aren’t more things much more iconic and enviable than Cher’s outfits in Clueless. If you didn’t grow up DREAMING of her digitised wardrobe and very 90s computer allowing her to select her outfit of the day at the click of the button then click off this article right now.

The OG yellow plaid suit is possibly the most iconic fit in this entire article, there I said it! There is no outfit that is replicated as much as this. I men you really can’t go to a uni party without at least SOMEONE wearing a checked skirt and captioning it “Cher vibes x”

Can we also talk about how elite Dionne’s taste in hats is? Chef’s kiss.

These PE fits are very iconic. Like imagine rocking up to netball in year nine with this. Utter perfection.

Amber’s gravity-defying hair is also a HUGE plus to the fashion in this film, love it.

Cher’s dress for the dance really stood the test of time because I would one hundred per cent wear this today. Simple and elegant, as they say.

Plus this iconic dress also brought us the iconic scene of: “What the hell is that?” “A dress.” “Says who?” “Calvin Klein!”

Elite tier cinema.

1. Legally Blonde

What, like it’s hard? Honestly who else could warrant the title of most iconic outfits other than Elle Woods? Elle wears 43 outfits throughout the movie and each of them is as iconic as the other. I am so, incredibly jealous of her wardrobe.

This courtroom fit really screams “Isn’t it the first cardinal rule of perm maintenance that you’re forbidden to wet your hair for at least 24 hours after getting a perm at the risk of deactivating the ammonium thiglycolate?”

The term “Business chic” was one hunered per cent curated around Elle because her outfits are enough to make me want to drop everything and apply to law school ASAP.

Straying away from her signature hot pink, this green snake print blazer and tie combination shouldn’t work but it just does. It’s Elle Woods, she can pull absolutely anything off. Like it’s hard?

Get that gal a brand deal with ASOS because I seriously need every outfit she wears pls x

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