A trivia quiz to test your knowledge of Outer Banks season two on Netflix

Only a true Pogue is getting full marks in this Outer Banks season two trivia quiz

Make JJ proud x

Outer Banks on Netflix is definitely a guilty pleasure show, and if you love it, you REALLY love it. You can try and persuade everyone you know to watch it, but no doubt a lot will pass it off as a lame show about teenagers looking for gold. Which to be honest, is their loss. One less person in the quest for JJ’s heart if you ask me. So, it’s time to truly separate the men from the boys, or shall we say the Pogues from the Kooks, in this Outer Banks season two trivia quiz.

Do you know the Pogues and everything they get up to inside out? Are you an honorary member of the gang who would fit right in and join their adventures looking for the treasure and the truth? Or are you a fake Pogue, and would much better fit in with Rafe? There’s only one way to truly test your Outer Banks knowledge, and that is within this quiz. Let’s see how much you really do love the show.

Take this Outer Banks season two trivia quiz to see if you could be a Pogue yourself:

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