Dale had the ‘strongest connection’ with Faye and Abi learned self love through Love Island

‘She was definitely someone I found attractive, I love her personality’

Last night saw Dale and Abi both dumped from Love Island 2021, and they both had to leave the vibes club without even getting to pack their bags in the villa.

The pair were in the bottom six Islanders – three boys and three girls – as voted for by the public. Their fellow Islanders then had to chose who to dump and it was curtains for Abi and Dale. Despite them clearly looking like the perfect couple stood next to each other, there’s no word on Abi and Dale giving things a go together after being mutually sent packing from the island.

Here’s everything the latest dumped Islanders had to say about their Love Island experience.

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Abi says she might not have found love, but she learned a lot about herself through Love Island

Abi had a few goes at love whilst on Love Island, first coupling up with Toby and then with Dale – but neither worked out for her. She says the main thing she learned from her experience was self love. “I’m really glad I did it,” she said. “There were obstacles about myself that I overcame and things that I wasn’t aware of about myself that I discovered. The biggest thing I think I’ve gained from Love Island is self growth. I didn’t come out with a partner but I came out with new friendships and more self awareness and understanding of myself.”

She continued: “I didn’t realise how much my job consumed my life. I’m used to people talking to me for a service rather than just wanting to chat to me. I didn’t realise that until people were just talking to me, for me. Another thing that was huge for me is that I haven’t, since I was a teenager, been in front of a boyfriend or any male really without make-up on – I never had the confidence. It made me realise that it’s ok to not look your best always, you don’t have to constantly look amazing. If people are going to love you, they should love you for you. Having to expose myself at my most natural state was very scary but so powerful at the same time, it made me feel like I’d taken such a big step forward.” 🥺

Everything dumped Islanders Dale and Abi had to say about their Love Island 2021 experience after leaving the villa last night

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She also felt it was her time to leave the villa

Abi clearly isn’t bitter about being voted out by her fellow Islanders, as she says she feels “like it was my time”. “I had a lot of fun and I bonded so much with the girls and some of the boys,” she said. “I came into Love Island and I fell in love but a different kind of love, I fell in love with my friends.”

Her favourite people in the villa are Faye and Toby and she believes Toby and Chloe are truly ‘besotted’

When asked how she felt about Toby, who she was previously coupled up with, Abi said he was exactly how she had expected him to be. She said: “I have so much love for him, he’s one of my favourite people in the villa. He’s so fun, funny, silly and the one who is always making people laugh. I’m happy to have been part of his journey and he and Chloe are so happy together now. They are literally besotted with each other. I don’t think you can fake what they’ve got.”

She added: “He’s on his journey and he’s learning, he’s making mistakes and he’s taking them on board. I appreciate self-growth more than anything. He’s only 22.”

Most of all, Abi says she was closest to all the girls in the villa. She said the first person she bonded with was Faye and she became close with Kaz and Liberty, who were good friends for her throughout her journey. “Faye and Kaz were my absolute ultimates,” she said.

Everything dumped Islanders Dale and Abi had to say about their Love Island 2021 experience after leaving the villa last night

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Dale had the ‘strongest connection’ with Faye, and would slide into her DMs after Love Island

Onto Dale, and he clearly has a soft spot for Faye, saying he thinks she is “genuinely amazing”. “I can’t look at Faye and not smile,” he said. “I came away from this experience and she’s the person that I had the strongest connection with.” However, Dale knows that Faye and Teddy do also have a connection, and that would stop him pursuing things… for now.

“She was definitely someone I found attractive, I love her personality,” he said. “She was a real good friend, stunning person, she’s a really good, good girl. But I’m a boys’ boy and Teddy was one of my boys. So I could never do that, as much as I found her attractive and I like her personality. I’ll slide into her DMs to say hi. It’s not going to be, ‘Let’s go on a date’. She’s a good girl and Teddy’s a good boy. For me personally, on a romantic level, I couldn’t.”

Abi says after Love Island, she is still on the look out for love

She may not have found it in villa, but Abi hasn’t given up on love. “I’m always looking for love, I’m not going to stop until someone is madly in love with me and I’m just as madly in love with them,” she said. “I love love. What’s the point of having an amazing life if you have no one to share it with? I’m a very affectionate and loving person, I like having one person that I come back to. I’m still on the journey looking for Mr Right.”

Everything dumped Islanders Dale and Abi had to say about their Love Island 2021 experience after leaving the villa last night

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What’s next for Dale and Mary?

Before he was dumped, Dale was coupled up with Mary – who remains in the villa. So what’s next for them? He said Mary is his typical type on paper, and they had a lot in common, but it definitely sounds like their future together is a bit up in the air. “I feel like I’ll see her around, he said. “She’s a nice girl, gorgeous girl and I hope the best for her.”

The Islanders might all get matching tattoos!!

Abi is a tattoo artist and Dale is definitely very, very tatted, so this might not come as a surprise, but Dale revealed the Love Island 2021 Islanders have discussed getting matching tattoos after the show ends. He joked that Abi could be the one to do them, and tbh, I back it.

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