Outer Banks love lives: Who all the Netflix show cast are dating in real life

So, can I marry JJ or what?

I know that when you watch Outer Banks you’re admiring how good looking they all are. I just know it, and that’s totally fine. And then after watching the show you go on social media and see how much they are all best friends in real life, and suddenly you’re obsessed with everything about the cast. Oops!! One of the main things you’re probably dying to know all about is the love lives of the Outer Banks stars.

Can I marry Rudy Pankow? What’s the latest on Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline? Ahh, the actor who plays Ward is married to his childhood sweetheart? Adorable. Here are all the details about the real life love lives of the cast of Outer Banks on Netflix, and basically who you might have a chance securing a date with.

Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline

Relationship status: In a relationship, with each other!

Outer Banks cast love lives and who the stars are dating in real life, Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline

via Instagram @hichasestokes

You definitely should know this by now, as it’s the most public Outer Banks love lives goss there is, but Sarah Cameron and John B aren’t just for show – they are together in real life too!!! Straight after the first season aired on Netflix, people began to wonder if actors Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes might be an item in real life. Chase was newly single, and two months later the pair went Instagram official and confirmed their relationship. Chase posted a picture of Madelyn on Instagram, captioned: “Cats outta the bag” and Madelyn commented: “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

The pair are still together now, and share loads of cute pictures together on Instagram. They were nominated for Best Kiss for Outer Banks at the MTV Movie and TV Awards 2021 and when they accepted their award they iconically full kissed on stage. Love it for them.

Rudy Pankow

Relationship status: In a relationship

Outer Banks cast love lives and who the stars are dating in real life, Rudy Pankow and girlfriend

via Instagram @rudeth

Right now, some reports say Rudy Pankow, who plays JJ, is single. But, he’s actually in a relationship with Elaine Siemek. The pair reportedly met on the set of Outer Banks, where Elaine was working as an assistant director. They have chosen to keep their relationship pretty private, but Rudy gave an update about how this has caused Elaine to receive lots of hateful comments. In an Instagram post, he said: “I want to thank my amazing fans/followers who have shown nothing but love and support and are here for just a fun time. Unfortunately I’m here to call out the disrespect and harassment someone who I love dearly is getting on a daily basis.”

The post continued: “It has gotten to the degree where lies are being spread and accusations are being said that go beyond the normal ‘hate.’ Not only is she not what she is being accused of being, she is the complete opposite and actively is so. Accusing someone you don’t know of being abusive and manipulative is not ok, especially when you don’t know the relationship personally. I’m very happy in the relationship I’m in. I know I might not actively show it on social platforms just how happy we are together, but this is my personal decision to keep most of those moments for myself.

“To those who are creating such displeasure and opinions about the one I love and my relationship, it’s time to stop. In this era of social engagement and enlightenment I want to express the importance to spread positivity and needing to know when it is unfair to express your own distaste for something or someone, especially when you can do it behind an anonymous identity. I was always told the best version of yourself is your most humbled self… I make this statement as my most humbled self and would be so grateful if we all would move forward in positivity and respect.”

Madison Bailey

Relationship status: In a relationship

Outer Banks cast love lives and who the stars are dating in real life, Madison Bailey and girlfriend

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In June 2020, Madison Bailey opened up about being pansexual. Writing on TikTok, Madison said: “Nobody knows what pansexual means. Girls, boys, trans boys, trans girls, nonbinary babies. It’s what’s on the inside, boo.” She then went public with her relationship, saying she is currently dating Mariah Linney, a University of North Carolina Charlotte women’s basketball player.

The couple reportedly met on TikTok, before realising they lived about 20 minutes from one another. They then arranged their first date, and said they were meeting the parents three days later.

Jonathan Daviss

Relationship status: Single

Not a lot is known about Jonathan Daviss’ dating history. It looks like the actor, who plays Pope, is currently single.

Drew Starkey

Relationship status: Maybe single

Outer Banks cast love lives and who the stars are dating in real life, Drew Starkey

via Instagram @drewstarkey

It’s not entirely clear what Drew Starkey’s current relationship status is. The actor who plays Rafe was last linked to his then girlfriend, actress Claire Van Der Linden, in 2014 – but it’s not obvious if they are still together. He hasn’t posted about her since 2014, and her Instagram account is private.

Charles Esten

Relationship status: Married

Charles Esten

via Instagram @charles_esten

Charles Esten, who plays Wade Cameron, has been in a very stable relationship for a long time. So if you’re looking for a bit of a sugar daddy, here is not the place. He married his college sweetheart, Patty Esten, in 1991 and the pair share three children.

Austin North

Relationship status: Single

Outer Banks cast love lives and who the stars are dating in real life, Austin North

via Instagram @austinnorth55

It also looks as though Austin North, who plays Topper, is currently without a significant other. He was previously linked to actress Sadie Robertson but they only dated for around four months before they called it quits. They announced they had split in August 2018, saying that “it just didn’t work out”.

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