Quiz: Can you guess the real first names of these ten musical artists?

Shock: Pitbull isn’t actually called Pitbull

Since the dawn of time, many musical artists have chosen to hide their real names behind iconic stage personas.

Singers like Lady Gaga, rappers like Asap Rocky and cult icons like Tinie Tempah have all opted to change their birth names in favour of something more exciting.

There’s a number of reasons why an artist may chose to do this. They may have a really boring name that lacks the pizazz they think their on-stage act possesses.

They may want to separate their performing identity from who they are when they are back at home. Often, it’s just a matter of privacy, with musicians hoping that by changing their name they won’t get swamped by fans trying to track them down.

But obviously, despite the musicians’ best efforts, fans inevitably find out their real names, and some of them make no sense at all.

So, take this quiz and see if you can guess the real first names of these ten iconic musical artists:


Featured Image: Credit: Stormzy picture: Shutterstock / Cubankite and Iggy Azalea Picture: Via Instagram

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