Aaron spills the tea on why the Islanders wear sunglasses in bed

It’s apparently not a fashion statement

Ever wondered why Love Island contestants are always wearing sunglasses in bed? I know I have.

It turns out it’s not because they’re concerned about the nation seeing their tired faces, or because it’s some kind of fashion statement they’re desperately trying to make happen. It’s for a much simpler reason entirely.

Ex-islander Aaron Francis has finally revealed exactly why they all lie in bed wearing sunglasses.

The lights in the villa are just blindingly bright

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Yep. That’s literally it. Aaron told his his 143k TikTok followers: “Yo, I don’t think you guys understand how bright those lights are. They are blindingly bright. That’s why everyone’s wearing sunglasses in the morning.

“I used to watch previous series and be like, ‘why are you wearing sunglasses in bed?’ And now I know why. It’s bright and it wakes you up immediately, I promise.”

But ex-Islander, Elma Pazar told Metro that it is also kind of to do with how they look. “The light is so bright when it flicks on and also I don’t know many people that wake up pretty in the mornings,” she said. “The more of the face hidden before it’s washed the better.”

Just as you can buy clothes by the ‘R’ brand worn by this season’s Islanders, you can also pick up the sunglasses sported on the show by heading to Bad Hero or I Saw it First.

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