Explained: This is what the ‘R’ brand worn by Love Island contestants actually is

The caps will set you back £25

If you’ve been following Love Island this year, you’ve surely noticed the ‘R’ brand worn the likes of Hugo Hammond and Toby Aromolaran.

Viewers have been speculating what the ‘R’ stands for, with some suggesting it could be River Island.

But it turns out, the mysterious ‘R’ is actually something different all together.

So, what is the ‘R’ brand worn by Love Island contestants?


Hugo Hammond in a Rewired cap

The ‘R’ stands for Rewired, an online clothing store that sells t-shirts, hoodies and hats among other things. While Rewired is this year’s official clothing sponsor of Love Island, the shop’s clothes have made appearances on previous seasons of the show.

You can buy the hats worn by the Love Island stars online or at JD Sports, but they’ll set you back £25. In fact, Rewired’s online shop has a whole page dedicated to clothes and accessories  worn on Love Island.


The caps worn on Love Island cost £25

And the Love Island links don’t stop there, as former contestant Lucie Donlan has also partnered up with Rewired to sell her “x Lucie” beanie hats.

Aside from Rewired clothing, Love Islanders are allowed to wear what they want as long as it doesn’t have a logo.

The strict rules, reported in The Mirror, read: “You shall not wear anything which is branded or have visible logos such as clothing, accessories or footwear (except as directed by us).

“If asked to do so by us, you shall immediately remove or change any item of clothing, accessory or footwear and our decision in this regard shall be final.”

Sounds a bit harsh, if you ask me.

Featured Image Credit: ITV via @rewiredclothing

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