These are the Casa Amor girls who’ve gained the most Instagram followers so far

Of course Mary’s gained the most

Casa Amor is always the part of Love Island when things really start to kick off. But are the new additions to the show really looking for love, or are they just in it for the Instagram followers?

Research conducted by 5Star reveals which of the six Casa Amor girls have gained the most followers since they first set foot on Love Island.

Here are the results:

1. Mary Bedford

At the recoupling last night, Toby decided to couple up with Casa Amor newcomer Mary, leaving Abi single.

Since joining the show, Mary has gained 41k followers, the most out of any of the Casa Amor newbies.

Instagram handle: @mary_bedford

Followers before Love Island: 188,533

Current amount of followers: 230,000

Followers gained: 41,467

2. Lillie Haynes


In second place is Lillie Haynes, who’s gained 25k followers so far.

The trainee accountant has already made a splash in the villa, after she and Liam kissed and shared a bed, despite Liam already being in a couple with Millie.

There’s no doubt that this drama has boosted Lillie’s follower count massively.

Instagram handle: @lillie.haynes

Followers before Love Island: 10,106

Current amount of followers: 35,200

Followers gained: 25,094

3. Salma Naran

Salma’s earned 23.5k followers since joining Love Island despite not really getting much air time at all.

Even if she doesn’t find love, she’s going to be left a whole lot richer as her higher follower count will allow her to make more money from her influencing work.

Instagram handle: @salma.naranx

Followers before Love Island: 38,438

Current amount of followers: 62,000

Followers gained: 23,562

4. Clarisse Juliette

Clarisse is already a well established influencer with a whopping follower count. Casa Amor has still increased her follower count by 21k.

And it’s looking like she may be sticking around on the show as Tyler looks set to bring her back to the villa tonight.

Instagram handle: @clarissejuliette

Followers before Love Island: 239,128

Current amount of followers: 260,000

Followers gained: 20,872

5. Amy Day

Amy began her time on the show with the smallest follower count of all the Casa Amor girls.

Since then, she’s gone from 1.3k to 8.1k followers and has now coupled up with Hugo, so she should be on the show for a good while to come.

Instagram handle: @___amyday___

Followers before Love Island: 1,378

Current amount of followers: 9,500

Followers gained: 8,122

6. Kaila Troy

Kaila’s follower count has shot up by 7k, but she hasn’t really found that spark with anyone so it’s likely the international DJ won’t be on our screens for much longer.

Instagram handle: @djkailatroy

Followers before Love Island: 41,567

Current amount of followers: 48,800

Followers gained: 7,233

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