Inside the Instagrams of this year’s Casa Amor Islanders

Things are about to hot up

Love Island 2021 is about to get really spicy as the boys have all headed off to Casa Amor to meet a whole new cast of girls. Meanwhile the existing girls have been introduced to a brand new cast of boys. The question on everyone’s lips is: will heads turn or will the current couples? While we wait for the answer, here’s a glimpse into the Instagrams of the Casa Amor 2021 cast, along with their Instagram handles and follower counts:

Mary Bedford


Instagram handle: @mary_bedford

Followers: 219k

In Mary’s bio there’s a link to her YouTube channel where she talks all things fashion and makeup.

Mary, who works as a model, is always storying behind-the-scenes footage from her shoots with the likes of JD and Missy Empire.

Dale Mehmet

Instagram handle: @dalehuncho

Followers: 15.3k

From his Insta, you can tell Dale is a man of simple pleasures. The Glaswegian barber loves his basketball, his trainers and his motorbikes.

But what he likes to post most of all are pics of him topless. Not that we’re complaining.

Clarisse Juliette


Instagram handle: @clarissejuliette

Followers: 254k

Clarisse owns a successful jewellery brand and works as an influencer based in London. She uses her Insta to model clothes for brands like Pretty Little Thing and Missy Empire.

She also absolutely loves her nails and regularly posts stories of her getting them done.

Kaila Troy


Instagram handle: @djkailatroy

Followers: 47.8k

Outside the Casa Amor villa, Kaila’s a busy woman and her Instagram reflects that. She’s always posting fitness videos and footage of her on tour as a DJ.

Somehow, she manages to find to time to travel and is a big fan of a skiing holiday or taking pics on the beach.

Harry Young


Instagram handle: @harryyoung_

Followers: 7.3k

Harry isn’t that active on Instagram but when he does post, it’s probably a boozy “lads on tour” pic.

The last pic he posted before joining the Casa Amor crew was of him sweeping up the awards at his football presentation night, and it’s actually quite wholesome.

Medhy Malanda

Instagram handle: @medhymalanda

Followers: 12.1k

Medhy’s Insta is packed full of topless pics and athletic content. The American football player, who can speak four languages, even has a whole highlight on his Insta dedicated to his own haircuts.

Matthew MacNabb


Instagram handle: @matthew_macnabb

Followers: 9.5k

Irishman Matthew’s Insta mostly consists of travelling snaps along with an obligatory handful of topless pics.

He’s also got a link in his bio to the management consultancy firm that he co-founded.

Salma Naran


Instagram handle: @salma.naranx

Followers: 59k

Fashion model Salma’s Instagram is absolutely immaculate. She definitely loves to travel as she’s always posting stories by the pool or on the beach.

Amy Day

Instagram handle: @__amyday__

Followers: 4.7k

While triple threat Amy usually works on a cruise ship, one day she hopes to star in Hollyoaks or to perform on the West End.

Amy’s always posting pics from nights out in cocktail bars as well as plenty of snaps from her travels around the globe.

Lillie Haynes

Instagram handle: @lillie.haynes

Followers: 27.2k followers

Lillie loves to post stories of her dog, Hoolio, documenting the adventures he gets up to. And to be fair, he is really cute.

Aside from that, her Insta is packed full of picks from fancy nights out as well as a fair few holiday snaps.

Jack Barlow

Instagram handle: @jackcbarlow

Followers: 8.7k

The 26-year-old racing driver sure loves his cars as they pretty much dominate his Insta feed.

In stark contrast to the other Islanders, the booziest pics Jack posts are when he’s won a race and is spraying champagne to celebrate.

Sam Jackson

Instagram handle: @samjacksonn98

Followers: 10k

By the looks of Sam’s Insta, he’s always out on the lash with boys.

The Clitheroe-based maintenance engineer loves to post pics of himself in bars and at festivals.

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