Meet Omer Majid: The YouTuber who successfully broke into the Love Island villa

Of course he’s previously appeared as an extra on Casualty

London-based influencer Omer Majid somehow made his way past security and a couple of watch towers, breaking into the Love Island villa on Tuesday night. People attempt to break in every year, but this is the first time anyone’s actually been successful.

Majid livestreamed the whole thing, getting as far as the outdoor area of the villa, at which point security forcibly removed him. Majid reportedly didn’t come into contact with any of the Love Islanders, but the area he broke into had to be deep-cleaned as a Covid precaution.

Here’s everything we know about Youtube prankster Omer Majid.

So, what actually happened with the break-in?

Majid said that he flew to Majorca with the sole intention of breaking into the Love Island villa and that he scouted out the premises for five hours the day before.

“It was really secure to be honest. They had people patrolling all the time and watch towers,” Majid told The Daily Star. “But then I found a possible way in via the trees and hills.”

He managed to get into the garden but was apprehended before he could get inside the actual villa. After being let go by the Spanish police, Omer announced on his Instagram that the video will be out at 6pm today (Thursday 8th July).

Omer with the Spanish police

I can’t wait to see how he got in tbh, but if it’s anything like his other video content, it’ll probs be a bit dry.

Majid has 12.6k YouTube subscribers and his videos get thousands of likes


Watch the full video here

Majid has 12.6k subscribers on YouTube and has videos that rack up thousands of views. In one of his videos, entitled Fake Health Inspector, Majid and his mate prank the staff at a Prezzo restaurant by pretending they’re inspecting the premises. But it doesn’t go that well and unsurprisingly, he just ends up pissing off the staff and customers. It’s also severely lacking on the old humour front.

He also finds time between his pranks to creepily chat up girls he bumps into. In one video he gets a girl to try and “hook him up with her sister” and frankly it’s just really uncomfortable viewing.

In another video, Majid pretends to throw up on the underground in London, causing passengers to run away from him. One passenger was having absolutely none of it though, pointing to camera and saying: “You’re making a video there.”

Omer Majid was an extra in Casualty

Majid was an extra in BBC hospital soap Casualty, posting some pretty graphic pictures on Instagram of his fake wounds which it looks like he sustained from a parachute jump gone wrong.

While most of his activities seem to be pitiful attempts to grab a bit of fame for himself, one redeeming factor is that according to his Instagram, Majid’s worked on a campaign with the Home Office tackling knife crime in London. So at least there’s that.

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