These former Love Islanders are on Tinder and you can match with them tonight

How far they’ve fallen

Let’s be realistic. Despite the the shows deceiving title, most Love Island contestants don’t find their perfect relationships while on the show. Many are left empty-handed and sometimes even broken-hearted. That’s why some Islanders are now resorting to Tinder to find love…sort of.

Tinder has launched a function where at regular intervals over the summer, something called Swipe Island will become available to all users.

This function enables us mere mortals to match with former Love Islanders. And guess what? The next Swipe Island session is tonight!

Here are some of the Love Islanders who are involved and this is what their Tinder profiles look like:

Amy Hart


Amy Hart took to our screens in series five of Love Island, walking off the show after Curtis broke up with her. According to her Tinder bio, the 28-year-old former flight attendant now works in TV.

She lists her passions as: West End musicals, blogging, grab a drink, Love Island and dancing.

Amy’s bio reads: “Just looking for a good time and someone to make me laugh. I love good theatre, wine and good food. Looking for someone like minded who is caring, kind and funny.”

Curtis Pritchard


Curtis starred in series five and had many an iconic soundbite. Who could forget when he told Amy he didn’t want to cuddle because he wanted to make everyone a coffee in the morning instead.

According to his Tinder account, his passions are: dancing, nightlife, music, skiing and sports.

He’s gone a bit deeper into the bio than others, playing every single one of his softboi cards in one go.

His bio reads: “I love chilling at home and I’m a massive foodie, massively into extreme sports and love to work. Don’t get me wrong though, I do love a good night out. Custard cream is my fav biscuit!”

Anton Danyluk


Also from series five, Anton Danyluk is reportedly the shortest man ever to appear on the show. 5ft9 isn’t *that* small, but unsurprisingly, that stat still hasn’t made it onto Anton’s Tinder bio.

The 26-year-old’s passions are listed as: comedy, foodie, soccer, cooking and sports.

Like Anton, his bio is short and to the point. It’s in a vertical list format and simply reads: “Anton. 26 years old. Gym owner. Author. TV personality.”

Kaz Crossley

Kaz started her Love Island stint in Casa Amor way back in series four. After coupling up with Josh Denzel, she finished the show in third place.

The 26-year-old’s passions listed on her Tinder bio include: films, foodie, active lifestyle, festivals, Capricorn.

Her bio is succinct and to the point: “Travelling. Muay Thai and good coffee. If you’re scared of South London girls, swipe left!”

Ched Uzor


Ched joined late on in Winter Love Island making a splash and coupling up with Jess Gale.

According to the 26-year-old’s Tinder bio, he’s a man of simple pleasures. His passions are listed as: working out, athlete, music, sports and walking.

His bio certainly doesn’t lack confidence. It reads: “I’m an ambitious 24 year old man. Yes, yes I said MAN. Some may know me from Winter Love Island, some won’t know me at all but just know that I’m 6’5, dark skinned and built like a 36 tonne lorry. What else could you want in a man?”

Demi Jones


Like Ched, university graduate Demi Jones starred in Winter Love Island. She entered the villa half way through eventually coming third place with her partner, Luke Mabbott.

Demi’s profile details how she went to the University of Winchester and now works as an influencer.

Her passions are listed as: Love Island, Instagram, travel, films and museum.

Her bio reads: “The girl that fell over on national TV. Bubbly and fun girl that likes to socialise and party. You might catch me posing for the gram but not snapping my food as I will be too busy tucking in #massivefoodie. Not just an influencer, but a history geek too.”

Eve Gale


Eve Gale was also on the winter edition of the show, entering the villa with her twin sister Jess. While Jess lasted until day 43, Eve was dumped after just six days. Maybe Eve will have more luck on Tinder.

Eve’s profile is very low key. She hasn’t included any passions and her bio is to-the-point. It reads: “22, living in London, ex love islander, one of two, twinning.”

Jess Gale

Jess’s Tinder profile is marginally more interesting than her sister’s. The 22-year-old has listed her passions as: Instagram, fashion, nightlife, music, shopping.

Her bio reads: “22, Twinning, Living in London. Fashion, gym, holidays.”

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