This is what your choice of Jibbitz says about your general vibe

You love the innuendo-ridden connotations that your peach emoji carries

Crocs are a ’90s/’00s staple. However, the last year has seen the resurgence of this comfortable yet funky rubber footwear, transforming from sneered-at slippers worn by your parents in the garden, to sought-after shoes modelled by everyone from Miley Cyrus to Post Malone. And with the revival of Crocs, so too comes the resurrection of their decorative accessories: Jibbitz.

For those of you who weren’t a style icon when you were six, Jibbitz are small shoe charms that can be attached to the top of Crocs through their iconic holes (NB: holes to allow your dignity to seep out).

Each Croc has 13 holes, meaning any Croc wearer can display up to 26 Jibbitz each time they don their squeaky shoes. With almost every symbol or emoji available in Jibbit form ( are currently selling a Raya And The Last Dragon Tuktuk icon), Croc wearers are offered an infinite number of ways to express their personalities and, in the words of the Crocs website, “represent your unique self to the world”.

Here’s what your Jibbitz choice says about you:


This person is fun, but also knows the value of cleaning

England Flag

A football mega fan to your core and you want everyone to know it. You spent most of June and July chanting “Ingerlanddd” and wasted at least £50 on pints thrown in the air. You stand with your hand on your chest and cry tears of pride as the national anthem plays.


Pick me girl/guy. You adore the limelight and nothing flatters you more than when people remember you name. Gaining Instagram followers makes your day. Your dream is to be famous.


You relate more to four-legged creatures than your own kind. If you have a pet, it’s the cutest *insert animal type here* and you won’t hear otherwise. You probably adopted a polar bear when you were ten.


Like a magpie, you’re attracted to shiny things. You base your aesthetic off Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” (“classy, boujee, ratchet”). You’re secretly using your shoes to hint to your s/o what to buy you next Christmas.

Your star sign

You’re whimsical and believe the position of the stars determines your fate. The first thing you do on a date is to casually ask the person opposite you their birthday, only to curse under your breath that, damn, they’re an Aries, you’re a Capricorn, your star signs are incompatible and things will never work out. The thought of Mercury being in retrograde makes you shudder.

A motivational word e.g “achieve”

If this is on your Croc, chances are you’re either Joe Wicks a.k.a The Body Coach (although I would’ve thought he favours trainers over rubber clogs) or you’re actually really lacking in motivation and looking to a word on a rubber shoe to provide it.


I have no words


You’re cheeky. You love the innuendo-ridden connotations that come with your choice of peach or cherry emoji. You wear your Crocs accompanied by a side of flirtation. A winky face is your emoji of choice.

A lightning bolt

You’re a die hard Harry Potter fan. If you’re over 20 you’ve queued up to get your hands on one of the first copies of each new book release. You counted down the days until the cinema screening of “The Deathly Hallows: Part Two” and you’ve considered calling your children “Albus” or “Severus” more than once.

Peace sign / Lotus

Zen and at one with nature, you practice mindfulness daily and have signed countless petitions to save the rainforest. Becoming vegan is the best decision you ever made. Mastering the tripod-handstand-with-lotus-legs yoga position is your biggest aspiration in life.

Skull and cross bones

Reckless is your middle name. You’re a thrill seeker and dgaf who knows it. You thrive in adrenaline fuelled scenarios. Both your arms are covered in a sleeve of tattoos and you arrive everywhere on a motorbike sporting a leather jacket and bandana.

A games console controller

A predominantly nocturnal being. If you could, you’d choose Fifa over your s/o nine times out of ten. You regularly disturb your housemates by screaming down your headset “left LEFTT!” yet fail to see the funny side of how said headset makes you look like a pilot about to fly a plane.


You’re nostalgic for a time you weren’t even born. Your wardrobe staples include a brightly coloured windbreaker and your Blazer mid 77 Nikes. You think having an obsession for anything retro makes you edgy and you have a reminder set for the release date of the next instalment of Stranger Things. Adopting a mullet has been tempting during lockdown.

An alcoholic beverage

You’re a lo-key alcoholic who uses the phrase “it’s six o’clock somewhere” on a weekly basis and drinks your beloved Aqua Vitea like a camel in the desert. You regularly google “how to prevent liver damage” and wake up on almost every Sunday morning with a hangover. You’re rarely happier than when sitting in a beer garden, glass in hand, getting pissed with your mates.

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