Aaron won’t introduce Lucinda to his family, and she says she’s not getting back with Brad

Aaron has organised her a ‘surprise’ though

Last night saw a shock recoupling and Lucinda and Aaron exit the Love Island 2021 villa for good. After a vote from the public for their favourite couples, Lucinda and Aaron were the least popular couple – meaning both of them were dumped from the island and their journeys are over.

During their time in the villa, both of them ruffled a few feathers. Lucinda was coupled up with Brad, who was dumped but still quite set on seeing how things go before deciding it was over, but Lucinda cracked straight on with new boy Danny, and then Aaron. Aaron has also been coupled up with a few of the girls in there, including Kaz and Sharon, before jumping straight in with Lucinda when Brad was out of the picture.

So how did they both reflect on their time on Love Island? Here’s what Aaron and Lucinda both said in their Love Island exit interviews.

Love Island 2021: Everything dumped Islanders Aaron and Lucinda said in their exit interview after leaving the villa last night

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Lucinda isn’t going to be rekindling anything with Brad

When Brad was dumped from the villa, he was in a couple with Lucinda and said that he was willing to wait and see what happened with her and would slide in her DMs if she left single. Technically she is single, having not yet been on a date with Aaron, but Lucinda has dismissed any possibility of them getting back into a couple after her Love Island exit.

“I definitely want to continue things with Aaron,” she said. “At the time when Brad left I was really upset but I’m happy that I stayed because I carried on and saw Aaron in another way. I feel like when I went in, there was Brad and Aaron and it was nice to focus on one person. It meant that I could connect with Aaron and we get on really well.”

Lucinda has no regrets and says the journey was ‘eventful’ and Aaron described Love Island as ‘the best experience’

When asked to summarise her time on Love Island 2021, Lucinda said: “I would sum up my Love Island experience as very eventful, fun and exciting as well. I feel like I was non-stop there but I absolutely loved it. I wouldn’t change it for the world.” She added that she was herself in the villa, and has absolutely no regrets.

Aaron added: “Honestly, it was probably the best experience of my life so far. All the support, I didn’t realise how big the team was and how supportive they are. They are there for you the entire journey and have said they will be there for me and with me now I’ve left the show. I fully believe that just from all the chats, check-ups and the way they look after us and cared for us. I definitely say, if you get the opportunity there’s no way you can turn that down, it’s life-changing.”

Lucinda said she’s excited for the future, and is happy to have left with Aaron. “It is bittersweet because I loved it there and you never want to go, but your time comes, and it does for everyone,” she said. Aaron said the saddest part of leaving the villa is that they all feel like family and had become “so, so, so close”.

Love Island 2021: Everything dumped Islanders Aaron and Lucinda said in their exit interview after leaving the villa last night

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So, what’s next for Aaron and Lucinda as a couple?

All we really care about is if Aaron and Lucinda are going to keep it going after their joint Love Island dumping. Lucinda has already said she wants to carry things on with Aaron, and added that if she had the chance she would go back into the villa with him. When asked if he and Lucinda were a couple now, Aaron said: “We were only coupled up for a couple of days unfortunately but I think first of all we want to start with a first date. We haven’t had a first date yet. We’ve just been getting to know each other within the villa so everyone else has been around. I’d like to start with a first date, that would be nice.”

He added that he’s “planned a little something, a surprise for her” and then “we’ll just move from there.” “I can’t say too much because I don’t really know. London to Brighton isn’t that far and I’m pretty sure we’ll be around each other quite a lot. We were really close with the same people in the villa which I think says a lot,” he said.

Aaron is going to meet up with Brad

There’s clearly no beef between Aaron and Brad, because Aaron has said he wants to meet up with Brad, and everyone else who has already left the villa. He added he “assumes” Lucinda will meet up with Brad too, because they are all friends and will want to see everyone.

Love Island 2021: Everything dumped Islanders Aaron and Lucinda said in their exit interview after leaving the villa last night

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Aaron isn’t going to be introducing Lucinda to his family any time soon

It’s clearly not that serious between the two of them, because Aaron is in no rush to have Lucinda meet his family. “It might be a little bit early to introduce her to the family,” he said. He added: “Usually when I’m dating someone, it takes a long while for me to introduce them to my family, I need to make sure they’re serious. To be fair, my family is probably going to meet all the guys that were with me on the show. But they like the girls I’ve brought home, which is very, very few. I think they’ll like her, she has the same energy as girls I’ve dated. You can tell she’s driven, she’s hard working, she’s cute and chilled and that’s what I want, what I need and my family knows that as well.”

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What are their predictions for the drama at Casa Amor?

Casa Amor kicks off tonight, so what’s an insider’s opinion on which couples with stray? Aaron said Jake is “no going to look elsewhere”, adding “he’s a very, very loyal guy”. He said there is “no chance” of Liam’s head being turned and that he thinks Liam and Millie will win. He said Faye and Teddy are “strong” and he thinks they’ll “be alright”.

He added: “Toby’s young, he’s not been in a relationship and he’s still trying to work out exactly what he wants. The past few days him and Abi have been getting on. They’re both really enjoying each other’s company. But at the end of the day they’ve just met so I can’t really say much about whether they will stay loyal as there might be other people more their type and his head has turned a couple of times so far.”

Aaron said that Chloe will “definitely find someone” and as will Hugo, finally he described Kaz and Tyler as “solid and strong”, saying “I can’t wait to see how that goes.”

And what’s the tea on the Hugo situation?

Love Island 2021: Everything dumped Islanders Aaron and Lucinda said in their exit interview after leaving the villa last night

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Aaron admits “Hugo has been trying really, really hard to find a connection” and he “came out fighting” for Chloe. With regards to *that* speech, Aaron said: “That speech shocked me, it shocked everyone. I just feel like he’s a guy that cares so much for people. I felt that when me and Luce were leaving. When he saw Chloe up there upset by herself I think those feelings of just pure caring kind of exploded. He couldn’t allow her to just sit there and feel alone, he needed to make her feel wanted and special. She is and she deserved that. I was happy he did it for that reason, even though it was debatable whether it was the right place, right time.”

But is there a chance between Hugo and Chloe? Aaron said “stranger things have happened” but at the moment “it’s definitely friendship.” “There is probably an attraction there, because she’s a very, very attractive girl,” he said. “I don’t know if she’s exactly his type in terms of personality, or vice versa, but I guess you’ll never know unless you properly go for it and properly see. Whether he’ll do that, I have no idea but I guess that’s coming in the next few episodes… stranger things have happened. Sometimes he just dives in.”

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