AJ and Danny will meet up outside and he says he’s sad he didn’t meet his ‘Liberty 2.0’

Well AJ is keen to meet up, and Danny said ‘potentially’

Last night saw Danny and AJ swiftly exit the Love Island 2021 villa. They were the bombshells (using the term loosely now) who came, didn’t quite conquer, and left before we’d really heard them speak.

AJ tried to make it work with Hugo, and Danny tried to have a thing with Lucinda. Neither worked out, and their fellow Islanders voted to dump them from the island. But what did they have to say after? Here’s what AJ and Danny said in their exit interviews from Love Island 2021.

An interview with dumped Islanders AJ and Danny as the exit the Love Island 2021 villa last night

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The could ‘potentially’ meet up in the outside world

Right, after them leaving together and seeming to make it look like they were going to see where things go in the outside world, everyone is desperate to know what they actually said about this. When asked if she would meet up with Danny, AJ said: “Yeah, me and Danny did click straight away. It’s a shame we only sort of got to have one chat before this happened. Again, it’s early days, we’ll see what happens I guess. I’m open to see what happens.” When asked the same about AJ, Danny quite simply said: “Yeah, potentially.” That’s that then.

However, Danny did say him and AJ are “a lot more suited” than him and Lucinda, adding: “She’s my type on paper looks wise and she’s up for a laugh. She smashed the first challenge [cat and mouse] when she was new like me. She put her all into it. She bossed that. Full of confidence and I liked it.”

I guess we can only watch this space. 👀

It was AJ’s actual choice to say ‘eyes on the prize boys’ when she walked into the villa

When she walked into the villa, AJ quite epically said “eyes on the prize boys” and strutted towards them all. Looking back, probably not the best choice of wording when she left so soon. But, it was completely her choice to say that, and she wasn’t at all prompted by producers to have a bombshell entry line. When asked if she’d planned to say it, AJ said: “Do you know what, it was a kind of off the cuff thing. I’d kind of thought of just beforehand, I was like, I might as well do a cheeky… something better than just ‘Hey, guys!’”

She described entering the villa as “intense” and full of nerves and excitement. “Hugo, definitely, was more attractive to me in person. His eyes – when you see them in person, he’s gorgeous. All the boys, stunning. Gorgeous on TV but even better in person!” she said.

An interview with dumped Islanders AJ and Danny as the exit the Love Island 2021 villa last night

via ITV

Danny has spoken about what he really thought of Lucinda, and AJ spills about what she thought of Hugo

Danny said his first impressions of Lucinda were that “she’s really nice, a stunning girl”. “But I’ve never really come across someone I can’t speak to properly. She doesn’t give you much back,” he said.

When AJ was asked what she liked about Hugo, she said: “Everything he said was this is the kind of guy I want to be with. He has the right morals. I have certain expectations in a relationship and Hugo meets those expectations. I don’t feel like I need to teach him how to be a good boyfriend. He has the right morals, knows how to respect a woman, he’s really funny, very comfortable to be around.

“I just feel natural around him. As time went on, it was like OK maybe we’re not so compatible. But the first few chats, he was approaching me and I really liked that. I like that he came up to me, made me feel comfortable. He’s a good-looking guy and really lovely. That’s all you want – a nice guy in your life! I’m done with idiots.”

Danny wanted his Liberty 2.0 and AJ wishes she’d coupled up with Liam

When asked who his favourite couple is, Danny said “obviously” Jake and Liberty. “They could win it. She can be herself, he can be himself. They get each other, do you know what I mean?” he said. “They just bounce off each other and just laugh and mess around – it’s good to see. That was definitely what I was looking for. Speaking to Jake, we were trying to find a ‘Jake and Liberty 2.0’ for me, so we could be the four of us.” A sad, sad shame.

Let’s just say, when AJ entered the villa and we saw a recoupling looming, the nation was ~stressed~ at the idea she might pick Liam and send Millie home. When asked who her favourite couple is, AJ says that with hindsight of Hugo friend-zoning her, she wishes she had coupled up with Liam after all. But she didn’t admit that Liam and Millie are “a strong couple”. “I feel like Liam and Millie are a really lovely couple. So I’d say them two. I think they could potentially win it,” she said.

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