NosebleedFitz TikTok follower count

NosebleedFitz has lost nearly 100k TikTok followers since she had beef with Max Balegde

Her fans are big fat disappointed with how she reacted

Over the weekend popular British TikTokers, NosebleedFitz and Max Balegde, had a big falling out over NosebleedFitz claiming Max named his merchandise using a catchphrase she uses. People on TikTok have been reacting to the drama and since Sunday, NosebleedFitz’s TikTok follower count has dropped from 721,900 to just over 626,000 meaning she has lost almost a big fat 100,000 followers in the space of 48 hours.

All the drama basically started around merch. Max has just bought out a merch range called “Big Fat Merch”. NosebleedFitz says she feels snaked because she gained the majority of her following after posting a video where she said “je m’appelle big fat liar” which went viral on TikTok. She thinks Max’s merchandise name is putting her out of business for her own merch range.

Since their argument was aired across Twitter and TikTok, NosebleedFitz has issued an apology to her followers. In the apology TikTok video, NosebleedFitz says she is sorry for making her followers uncomfortable after handling the situation so publicly. “I don’t want to know that I’ve upset you because that really sits heavy on my soul,” she said.

@nosebleedfitz ♬ original sound – Nosebleed Fitz

Despite her apology, NosebleedFitz has continued to lose a large following nearing 100,000 people on her main TikTok account. People on TikTok have been reacting to the argument. One TikTok user uploaded this video saying: “Did anyone else think NosebleedFitz was getting a bit too big for her boots and rude and needed something like this to bring her back to reality a bit or???”

@adnan_rosno cause i actually adore her but this is just sad asf #fypシ #nosebleedfitz #max #MaybellineSwipeIt♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

Someone else posted this video to the viral Pointless quiz show audio showing NosebleedFitz’s TikTok follower count going down:

@livsilveyNosebleed fitz really thought she was doing something, love you @max_balegde #nosebleedfitz #maxbalegde #bigfatbully♬ Ohhhh its low – JamieHasid

Here are some more reactions to the NosebleedFitz and Max Balegde TikTok drama:

@gothtayto#fyp #nosebleedfitz♬ Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) – Doja Cat

@matilda_lilly.x#nosebleedfitz #maxbalegde #ifyouknowyouknow #jokes #drama #foryou♬ Amityville Horror – Scary Halloween Sound Effects – Halloween Sound Effects

@l1llshall jokes aside i’m upset this is the person she’s become :/ #MaybellineSwipeIt #fyp #nosebleedfitz♬ original sound – ChrisCrocker

@vogueitbabyAre you not embarrassed honestly how awkward 😬 #nosebleedfitz #embarassingbehaviour♬ original sound – Nosebleed Refurbished

@jadexbcnbeing a pure little sh*t stirrer here but my platform isn’t big enough for it to matter hahahah #MaybellineSwipeIt #nosebleedfitz♬ original sound – girlboss

@erinmorrisseyis it that deep tho? #nosebleedfitz #maxbalegde♬ original sound – Best clips!🇬🇧

@ollieb19Nah why did her voice notes actually make me angry 😡 #nosebleedfitz #maxbalegde #lgbtqtok #lgbtqia #bi #gay #gaytok #tiktokbeef♬ original sound – Nosebleed Refurbished

@therollingjonesHe point evidence explained every point xx #nosebleedfitz #maxbalegde #tea #tiktokdrama @max_balegde we <3 u♬ Sit Back Down (feat. Maleek Berry) – Not3s

@joehollowayy@nosebleedfitz honesty a joke #nosebleed #nosebleedfitz #maxbalegde #CleanItScrunchItCoopIt♬ original sound – aaron sun

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