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Bella Fitz and Max Balegde from TikTok have fallen out and this is what’s happened

The huge public argument has started over names for their merchandise

Over the weekend, Bella ‘Nosebleed’ Fitz and Max Balegde from TikTok have had a huge public falling out. The two were formerly quite close friends, but now are arguing over Max’s choice of name for his merchandise that Bella believes is putting her out of business for her own merchandise.

The argument has been kicking off on TikTok and on Twitter, but it’s quite hard to piece together the origin of the fight. Here’s a full timeline of everything that’s happened between two of the UK’s most well known queer content creators in this big TikTok drama.

It started around merch

In a now deleted TikTok (the video is still up on her Twitter, however), Bella Fitz shared text messages between her and Max that show Max asking why Bella has unfollowed him on all social platforms. Bella responds to him with a voice note, saying “I feel massively snaked with the merch. It’s a massive kick in the teeth because I thought we were quite good friends. I was asked what I wanted to call my merch and I replied Big Fat Fitz which I couldn’t, because yours is called Big Fat Merch.

“I’m not gatekeeping or anything, but don’t make merch off my saying. I feel taken advantage of. Don’t make money off it to the point where I can’t do my own thing. It’s energy I do not like and do not want in my life. I don’t want to do the podcast, I don’t want to do the song and I don’t want to be friends.”

Max responds saying he’s said “big fat” for years and feels like it’s a childish sweeping decision on Bella’s part.

Bella then carries on to say that she didn’t bring it up with him because she had no intentions of salvaging the friendship. “I don’t feel like it’s childish, there is someone in my life that is causing more problems than good so I’m cutting them out. That’s the way I see it.

“I don’t think either of us should put anything on TikTok about it because the people that follow us both are going to feel like they’ll have to pick sides. If people know we aren’t friends, they will make beef.”

Max put a video up on his TikTok explaining his side

Replying to a comment saying “apologise to Bella rn”, Max made a video explaining that since Bella posted her video he has been getting numerous comments giving him hate. He also says that Bella sent him a voice note that “violently threatened” him.

In the video, Max says he thought him and Bella were good friends, thought so highly of her and was looking forward to their career collaborations. They both debate who should say “big fat”, with Max saying he says it all the time and Bella claiming it after her viral “big fat liar” video. Max says he was a massive advocator for Bella and always put her name forward for campaigns, shared her transition fund and donated some of his own money to help her reach her target goal.

@max_balegdeThe video was taken down so I’m re-posting. I refuse to be quiet like I have been for a month. This is not okay.♬ original sound – Max_Balegde

Max shows in his TikTok that he text her yesterday morning (Sunday 18th July) and got a voice note from Bella that says “all I know is that I’m existing absolutely peacefully, and I’m being told that you’re chatting shit. I do not have the energy for it, Max. If you’re going to talk shit I will literally just come to your house and I will beat the dogshit out of you and your boyfriend. Let me know.”

Max says it’s “crossed the line and gone too far.”

Bella has posted a thread on Twitter further explaining her actions

In a thread posted on her Twitter, Bella shares that it hurt her feelings and she acted out with the voice note because Max was pushing for a response. She feels that he was pushing her to make the violent comment she made about him so he could use it on TikTok.

In response to Bella’s thread on his own Twitter, Max has posted the following about the situation:

Fan response has been big, with a lot of people speaking out in favour of Max and branding Bella’s behaviour childish. In response to this, 19 year old Bella tweeted:


The Tab has reached out to Bella Fitz and Max Balegde from TikTok for comment. Max has since tweeted that he will not be speaking to news outlets about the issue.

Featured image credit @nosebleedfitz and @max_balegde.

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