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Meet Khaby Lame: The viral TikTokker on your FYP who has more followers than Addison Rae

His most popular video has over 267 million views😮

Khaby Lame is now the second most followed person on TikTok after he overtook Addison Rae. This means he is now just over four million followers away from Charli D’Amelio’s 136.7 million record. Khaby has a current total of 132.6 million followers and is reaching over one billion likes on his TikTok profile. But who is Khaby Lame?

You might not recognise his name but you’ll definitely recognise his face because that’s what got him his insanely high following on TikTok. Anyway, here is everything you’d could possibly need to know about Khaby Lame on TikTok:

What is Khaby Lame actually famous for on TikTok?

Khaby first became famous in 2020 after he created his own version of the popular “life hack” video trend. He mocks “hack” videos which take an exceptional amount of time to complete a really simple task. He’ll often then pull his signature facial expression which gets him millions of likes, views and comments every time.

He pretty much took over the internet without even speaking. His face is everywhere, popping up on our FYPs all the time.

What’s Khaby’s most viewed TikTok video?

@khaby.lameSorry my Idol but I just had to do.. @willsmith 🤣Scusa Idolo mio ma l’ho dovuto fare! 🙏🏾🤣 ##learnfromkhaby ##learnwithtiktok ##ImparaConTikTok♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

This banana peeling video has got over 267 million views. It’s ranks within the top 20 most viewed TikToks of all time. His video is also the fifth most liked video on TikTok of all time with 37.1 million likes.

Khaby also has two more videos in the top 10 most liked TikToks of all time. One of them shows him removing a face mask which is stuck in a cup handle and another one shows him drinking a glass of water.

Wait, is his real name Khaby Lame??

21-year-old Khaby was born on 9 March 2000, he’s Italian-Seneglaese and his full name is Khabane Lane.

He joined TikTok in March 2020 but is also on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Although he is yet to post any content onto his YouTube channel.

khaby lame

via Instagram @khabby00

Apparently Khaby Lame’s net worth is huge

Celebs Life Reel reported Khaby’s net worth is around one to two million dollars. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, TikTokers can start earning money from their content once they earn thousands of followers. The site estimated Khaby earns between $50,461 and $84,102 for a social media post.

And finally, here are Khaby Lame’s best TikTok videos:

@khaby.lame🤦🏿‍♂️I wanna see you flags under this video, mine are 🇮🇹 🇸🇳 And yours? Where are you from? 🇮🇹 🇸🇳 🇵🇹🇲🇽🇧🇷 🇺🇸 ##learnfromkhaby♬ suono originale – Khabane lame
@khaby.lameHas this ever happened to you??🤣🤣🤣 Ti è mai capitato??🤣🤣🤣##learnfromkhaby ##learnwithtiktok ##learnfromtiktok♬ suono originale – Khabane lame


@khaby.lameSorry my Idol but I just had to do.. @willsmith 🤣Scusa Idolo mio ma l’ho dovuto fare! 🙏🏾🤣 ##learnfromkhaby ##learnwithtiktok ##ImparaConTikTok♬ suono originale – Khabane lame
@khaby.lameI think you should turn that ON 😂 Penso dovresti accenderlo prima.. 😂 ##learnfromkhaby ##ImparaConTikTok ##LearnWithTikTok♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

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