All the 2021 Love Islanders’ first Instagram post compared to their most recent

Kaz has just always been a 10 tbh

It’s essential stalking to go right back to the beginning of a Love Islander’s Instagram page and seeing how much they’ve changed before we all met them in the villa. Love Island is a notoriously gorgeous place that produces influencer upon influencer, and when the girls and guys leave the show their Instagram is a perfectly curated promised land of sponsored ads and clothing collabs. But these Instas didn’t always start out that way!

Most of the Islanders have gone back and purged their earliest posts to a more streamlined feed with less cringe high school, back of the bus instas, but some still have some old gems.


Hugo evolved from his Waitrose FC days into the Waitrose own brand version of Jamie Dornan and I love that for him.


Kaz’s first Instagram post is from 2018, where it seems she was already living her best influencer life. If her Insta is anything to go by, she has literally barely changed and has always just been unreal.


From baby Brad to Brad with a baby. He really doesn’t have the energy of someone who’d post topless mirror selfies on Instagram but here it is in all its 2017 glory!


Toby’s Instagram goes back to 2018, and he’s one of the Love Island cast that just hasn’t really changed that much in his evolution to playing for Hashtag United. A bit more baby faced back in ’18, but still the same old Toby.


Rachel only has 30 posts on Insta, so she deffo maintains a clean feed and archives old pics. Her oldest selfie is from back in 2016 and I’m obsessed with that Snapchat filter that had us all in a chokehold back then.


SCREAMING at this one, the toe sucker supreme in his low quality mirror selfie OG Instagram days to now.


Chloe’s first Insta selfie is giving me major first week in your uni halls energy.


Liberty’s kept her vibe mostly the same tbh – she’s been killing the game for years on Instagram.


Aaron has stayed pretty cool on Instagram since his first post. No cringe party selfies from 2014 to be found.


Faye’s Instagram has just always been glam since the start. She has such hun energy and I LOVE IT!


Lucinda looks like she’s grown from a girl to her woman in her Instagram to Love Island evolution. OG Lucinda is serving unexpected dark hair and major Ariana Grande vibes?


Millie has always been serving LOOKS on her Insta, even back in the day to her first post. Gorgeous holiday pics and then now she looks like she’s about to drop the best album of 2021.


Liam’s Instagram is just loads of lads lads lads pics and serious night out selfies, and as this then and now proves, somethings never change.


Sharon’s old Instagram pics before she joined Love Island are full of her time doing pageants and competitions! Now her Instagram is far more chilled vibes and nights out pics.

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