Say hello to Tabitha, Elle and Joey, latest Too Hot To Handle season two bombshells

Joey was apparently in an episode of Jersey Shore

Too Hot To Handle season two is officially in full swing, and what an absolute TIME to be alive. There’s drama, rule breaks and people partnering up left, right and centre – and what’s even better, there are three brand new bombshells in the newest episodes – Tabitha, Elle and Joey, who are all ready to shake Too Hot To Handle season two to its very core.

There’s 27-year old Tabitha from London, who promptly announces she’s ready to “fuck shit up” when she arrives to the Too Hot To Handle villa. Then there’s 23-year-old Joey, who’s a 6’4 footballer. And last but by absolutely no means least is Elle, an American influencer who’s obsessed with astrology. Honestly between the three of them, what more could you ever want? Oh and it helps that they’re all incredibly fit.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Too Hot To Handle season two bombshells, Tabitha, Joey and Elle:

Tabitha Clifft

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via Instagram @tabitha.clifft

Tabitha is a 27-year-old model from London. She’s also a fitness instructor and qualified nutritionist, and the founder of Glow by Tabitha, which sells recipe plans and workout guides.

Her website says she moved to Bali when she was 17, and spent the next three years living between Bali and Australia.

Her Instagram is @tabitha.clifft, and Tabitha posts lots of holiday pics, as well as her outfits and her in various places around London – as well as some more recent additions of her in the Too Hot To Handle villa. She has 32k followers right now.

Joey Joy

Joey is a 23-year-old former footballer from Miami. He has a degree in business administration, and went to Westminster College in Pennsylvania.

His athletics profile from college, where he played American football, says he’s 6’4. He also was apparently in an episode of Jersey Shore – maybe it gave him a taste for reality TV. He was a senior in 2019, so it’s likely he filmed Too Hot To Handle soon after graduating – the show was filmed in 2020.

TikToks posted earlier this year show Joey working in some kind of supermarket or shop. Right now he has almost 4,000 followers on the app.

Joey has 37k followers on Instagram, where his username is @joeyjjoy. He posts photos from various places around the USA, including Pennsylvania where he’s from, Miami where he now lives, and New York City.

Elle Monae

too hot to handle, season two, bombshells, elle, tabitha, joey

via Instagram @elle.monae

25-year-old Elle is an influencer from Washington. Her Instagram, @elle.monae, mainly shows her on holiday around America. She has 35k followers, and her bio says she’s vegan.

Elle also has a clothing brand inspired by astrology, where she sells hoodies, sweatshirts, necklaces and other clothing items with star signs on.

She has 1,252 followers on TikTok, and a YouTube channel where she posts hair tutorials and makeup reviews.

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