Poll: Do these foods belong in the cupboard or fridge? See how popular your opinions are

If you keep ketchup in the cupboard we can’t be friends

Bread belongs in the fridge, and if you say anything else I’m sorry but you’re literally just wrong. Ketchup belongs in the fridge right next to it; whilst eggs and soy sauce should literally never go near its chilly walls and instead be kept nice and safe in the cupboard. If this is the hill I have to die on, so be it.

However, not everyone agrees with these. For example, they think that even when it’s open, ketchup should be kept in the cupboard. But what do you think? It’s time to put it to the test once and for all, and let the nation decide. Take our polls and say where you’d keep all of these popular foods – is it out in the warm air of the cupboard/counter/shelf, or should they be kept cool in the fridge?

Vote in these polls, and see how popular your food-storage opinions are:

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