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Quiz: Can you match the iconic Love Island quote to the Islander who said it?



My mind, body and soul could not be any more READY for Love Island when it hits 9pm every night. There hasn’t yet been a go-to phrase for the villa this year, but one thing’s for sure: Every series of Love Island is full of so many iconic quotes.

There are some classic Love Island phrases, like “my type on paper”, “all my eggs in one basket” and “I’ve got a text!!!!”. These crop up every year and they seemingly didn’t originate from anywhere, they just came into being with some sort of divine power.

But what about all the iconic Love Island one-liner quotes? From “congrats, hun” and “I’m loyal babes” to “I’m like a polar bear” and “I licked her tit or whatever”, can you remember which of the Islanders said them? Put your knowledge to the test and take this quiz to match the Love Islander to their iconic quotes from the show.

Take this quiz and match all these Love Island quotes to the Islander who said them:

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