Based off vibe alone, here’s who the new Love Island 2021 cast resemble

Shannon is the new Megan Barton-Hanson

Every time we sit down to watch Love Island, we kind of know exactly what we’re getting ourselves into. The show has a very specific type of cast and every year it repeat it. This week we met 11 new Islanders who wanted to shake up the villa but before they have the chance to think they’ve bought something new onto our screens, let’s state the obvious: every single Love Island cast is the same.

Every year there’s someone who plays sports, someone who’s really cool and everyone wants to shag them, an Islander who’s illegally fit and every couple of series you’ll get someone with a foot fetish – it’s really not hard to make up a cast of Islanders.

Here’s a run down of all the 2021 Islanders and who they are spiritually aligned with from the old Love Island casts:

Liberty and Dani Dyer

The similarities between these two are UNCANNY. They’re both loveable women with sweet accents and they have very similar facial expressions.

They’re alike in the best way possible. The way Liberty speaks over Jake takes me back to 2018 when all Dani would do is waffle over Jack Fincham.

love island dani dyer

Liberty will cry like this

Faye and Olivia Atwood

Olivia Atwood is an icon and to be honest, I can see Faye getting to that level. She will dominate the villa. Just like Olivia, the villa will go silent and then Faye will make a sarcastic, loud comment.

As soon as Faye walked into the villa, it was like looking at Olivia Atwood. Faye is serving BIG Olivia vibes, their similarities run deeper than the their fillers and blonde hair. It’s about their “I don’t give a fuck” personality. J’adore.

Hugo and Curtis Pritchard

love island contestants

At first, Twitter was convinced Hugo and Dr Alex were the same. But ever since Hugo brought those drinks over for Sharon, Kaz and Toby – he’s exuded Curtis Pritchard energy. Like when Curtis said to Amy he’d rather make everyone a cup of coffee in the morning instead of cuddle her.

Toby and Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury x

Okay, hear me out. Love Island always has iys token sports person in every series. This time it’s semi-pro footballer, Toby, who plays for Hashtag United.

Shannon and Megan Barton-Hanson

Both of these women could stomp on my head and I’d thank them for it. Shannon is playing a strong game, pieing off men in the villa and just vibing on holiday – she’s winner material, baby. In an interview with Grazia, Megan even called Shannon’s OnlyFans “empowering”.

Brad and Adam Collard

These two sexy men are dead serious. Like, all the time. They both have a “wow” factor when it comes to looks. They’re hot, rustic and Geordie.

Jake and Finn Tapp

The OG toe sucking King

Finn is the original foot fetish King. Hence why Jake has been lumbered with him. Even in looks they’re quite similar with their beards and stature.

But let’s be honest, once you admit you enjoy partaking in sexual situations which heavily involve feet, you never really make a comeback from it. Maybe Jake just needs his own Paige so he can win the prize money and fantasise over feet in the privacy of his own home.

Chloe and Arabella Chi

Part of me really feels for Chloe. Everyone has been hating on her since she arrived in the villa which gives her big Arabella vibes. Like when Arabella came in and coupled up with Danny sending Yewande home, it sent Twitter into turmoil. Chloe has a similar chaotic vibe – she’s ruthless and here to play the game.

Sharon and Montana

Sharon and Montana have fun vibes, they seem like they’re both here for a good time and don’t care for the drama. Like when Montana used to lean over the kitchen counter eating a snack whilst there was an argument happening, I can imagine Sharon doing the same.

Kaz and Maura

From the first moment we laid eyes on Kaz and Maura, we knew they were both going to be iconic. Just like Maura and Molly-Mae, Kaz is part of the iconic female friendship of this series with Liberty.

Aaron and Dr Alex

Both of them are boring, sorry. They’re both sweet and polite but neither of them will set your world on fire.

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