Love Island 2021: So what actually is the Hashtag United team Toby plays for?

Anyone else have no clue?

Love Island 2021 kicked off last with semi professional football player Toby Aromolaran entering the villa and ending up on the subs bench during the initial coupling up. Toby is pretty familiar with a subs bench thanks to playing football professionally, but what actually is the Hashtag United team he plays for?

During the show Toby and Kaz have a discussion about their careers. Toby mentions he plays for Hashtag United and Kaz has no clue what he is talking about. And she isn’t the only one, frankly no one on Twitter had any idea what he was talking about. Even for the people with zero interest in football we know the names of teams, but this one stumped us all, with some people even questioning if it’s real.

So what actually is Hashtag United?

Hashtag United was set up in 2016 by football YouTuber Spencer Owen Carmichael-Brown and his brother. They set up the team in memory of their childhood friend to play charity games.

They began filming the matches and their following quickly increased online, they gained over 100,000 followers on Instagram. After two years of this they progressed to the Eastern Senior League Division 1. In 2018 Spencer stepped back and the team is now managed by Jay Devereux. They have recently progressed to the Essex Senior League and now have nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram.

Their colours are blue and yellow and they have the nickname of “The Tags”.

How long has Toby been playing for Hashtag United?

Toby has been playing for Hashtag United for over a year now, but has been playing football since he was six. He said: “I’ve played football since I was about six, but it’s really come into a new light for the past year since I joined Hashtag United. They’re very social media focused. Everything is on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.”

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