Love Island predictions

Here are 14 predictions for the Love Island 2021 cast that you can’t prove wrong

Faye is the most evil this year and you can’t tell me otherwise

Love Island’s back! It’s finally bloody back! And you know what that means… Love Island predictions time! We’re one episode in, and we’ve had snogs, voice notes, Hashtag Uniteds and some toe sucking on primetime national television. Already the predictions are brewing inside me like a fire. Who will be this year’s icon? This year’s enemy? This year’s crier over Craig David?


First out

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Chloe. That cursed voice note we were treated to at the end of the episode wasn’t making a single person feel particularly enamoured. Had all the sex appeal of an audiobook of The Shining, and her bragging about her penchant for married men hasn’t gone down particularly well with the public.

Most evil


The way she looked at Brad when he said he was a labourer? Pure, unadulterated evil.

Will rule the villa

Also Faye. She might have unfettered ice queen energy, but you best believe she’s going to dominate that villa like she’s got a mortgage on it.

Will deffo be in the final

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Hugo and Shannon. They’ve got main character energy. They’ll never be a couple together, but they’ll both be sitting comfortably on the final night in that villa.

Icon of the season


She’s just got it. Good vibes, good chat. Will be keeping a close eye on her for all the iconic moments.

Toxic heartbreaker

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As fit as he is, let’s face it… The answer here is Brad.

That moody way he speaks? A bad boy. He would ruin my life. And I’m at peace with that.

Most likely to have a post-Casa Amor breakdown


A lad is going to leave Faye for some new Casa Amor spice and all fury will erupt. Hell hath no fury like Faye scorned.

The couple staying together for the whole season

It’s slim pickings right now, I’ll be honest. These couples have got about as much chemistry as a biology lesson.

But the one that’s giving the most hope for a Jack and Dani vibe is Toby and Kaz. The way he hyped her up for a catwalk? King behaviour.

The one most likely to get up and make everyone a coffee to make sure that they’re ready for the morning

It’s Hugo.

He offered to get everyone a drink last night and that was enough for him to be my Curtis Pritchard breakfast club boy of the year.

Most likely to steal the 50k

Love Island predictions

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Sharon isn’t leaving that villa without a wad of cash. She will have to be physically removed. She’s in there to win and to destroy white jeans from existence, and I respect that.

Most likely to invent a word that we’re all going to be saying

Her royal highness Liberty Poole.

She’s already started, when she reinvented the word vibing into ‘vibesing’. One of my most concrete predictions is that she’s the poet laureate of Love Island 2021.

Most likely to invent a claim to fame and go on about it all the time

Perhaps not invent, but Aaron is Hugo from Made In Chelsea’s cousin. And if that fact isn’t discussed at least a million times over the course of this summer, I’ll be damned.

Most likely to burst into tears when they bring in an internationally renowned DJ

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Gotta be Jake. Our toe sucking king looks like he’d be the most susceptible to the Anton crying at Craig David villa curse. Can’t explain why, but it’s true. It’s Jake.

The nation’s sweetheart

This coveted award of a prediction is going to not one sweetheart, but two.

Because there’s one friendship that’s stolen the heart of the nation already, and it’s the duo of iconic girlies Kaz and Liberty. We need them to couple up, actually. They’re my winners.


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