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‘Hot ugly’ TikTok theory explained: Are these male celebs ‘hot ugly’, ‘ugly hot’ or ‘hot hot’?

Timothée Chalamet is the epitome of ugly hot, soz x

There’s a new ‘hot ugly’ TikTok theory going around. It was thought up by a TikTok user called  ‘Ugly Hot Theorist’ who devised the term to describe the attractiveness of different men. In total there are three terms, “hot ugly”, “ugly hot” and “hot hot”.

@uglyhottheoristReply to @uglyhottheorist #greenscreen Pt. 2 of hot ugly vs. ugly hot. If you get it you get it, if you don’t you don’t. #fyp♬ original sound – Violet 🤠

The first one, “hot ugly” is basically any man who follows the stereotyped beauty standards but someone else might consider them to be less attractive or they don’t tick all the boxes. So celebrities like Liam Hemsworth would be considered as “hot ugly”.

“Ugly hot” is the opposite. It’s a man who isn’t conventionally attractive but his edginess makes him hot. For example, Paul Mescal, right? So many people thirsted over him after Normal People aired but at the same time, his hotness didn’t set everyone’s world on fire – it was just his chain which sent everyone on Twitter into a huge horny frenzy.

And finally we have “hot hot”, it’s self explanatory. It is a man who has come to bed eyes and knows how to use them. As our Love Island hero Maura Higgins would put it, he gives you “fanny flutters”.

Now it’s time for you to vote because yes, whilst attraction is subjective, we need to prove there is a universal understanding that men like Anwar Hadid are “ugly hot”.

Put the new ‘hot ugly’ TikTok theory to the test and vote here:

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