VOTE: Which male UK politician was fittest when they were younger?

Are you more Starmer or Bojo?

Pictures recently emerged of a young Keir Starmer and the thirst is real. Yes his haircut screams, “Meet me at McDonalds,” but that didn’t stop people going wild for his youthful looks.

But then there are those who swear by another man. Manchester mayor Andy Burnham has been stealing hearts not only with his restructuring of the Greater Manchester transport system, but also with some pics of him looking fit when he was younger.

As it turns out, all politicians were actually young once. I know. Shocking, isn’t it? What’s more shocking is that some of them were actually quite attractive. So, now the time has come for you to vote on who you think was the fittest when they were younger out of these nine male politicians.

Keir Starmer


Years before becoming leader of the Labour party, Keir Starmer was rocking about in Leeds with his guyliner and bushy trim. If Sir Keir was at uni now, he would 100 per cent have a mullet.

Andy Burnham

Andy went for a bit of an “Indie boy” look back back in the day. Not sure about the tucked-in tee but I rate the frames.

Tim Farron (centre)

Former leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron was a soft boi before such a thing even existed. But what on earth is that on his head?

George Osborne

Good hair, George. I’ll give you that. Before climbing to the dizzying heights of being Chancellor of the Exchequer, George studied at Oxford University. His vibe screams signet rings and mustard chinos, but if that floats your goat, then so be it.

David Cameron (back row, second from left)  and Boris Johnson (sat down, bottom right)

Both Dave and Bojo channelling pure posh boy energy. If Prime Ministers are your thing, look no further.

Jacob Rees-Mogg

Jakey looks like he just got rejected from the role of playing Peter Parker in Spiderman. Good glasses though, and a mighty set of eyebrows.

Jeremy Corbyn (left)

Corbyn looks like the exact physical opposite of Jacob Rees-Mogg. He’s got that whole rugged thing going on, but can’t help looking like he’d chew your ear off about the renationalisation of the railways over what was meant to be a quiet pint.

John Bercow


John Bercow

ORDERRRR! John Bercow looks pretty much the same as he does now, just not as grey and a lot more right wing. Like the former Speaker of the House of Commons, I am now asking you to vote.

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