Keir Starmer was a ‘party animal’ while studying at Leeds Uni

The Labour leader refuses to deny whether he’s ever taken drugs

Keir Starmer reportedly loved a party while studying at Leeds Uni and he refuses rule out whether or not he’s ever taken drugs before.

The Labour leader appeared on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories last night to discuss his upbringing, his uni life and his rise to the forefront of UK politics.

At one point during the show, Morgan said: “Your friend Mark Stephens said you’re a ‘party animal.’”


Why’s there a skull? (Credit: ITV)

The host then launched an interrogation aiming to work out whether Keir Starmer took drugs while studying for his law degree at the University of Leeds. “We all know what used to go on at university,” Piers said. “Have you ever dabbled in anything stronger than alcohol?”

Starmer replied: “I spent my university days in the library, studying.”

This prompted laughter from the audience, before Starmer went on to refuse to say whether he’d tried drugs, rebuffing Morgan’s question a grand total of 14 times.

His final answer to the question over whether he’d ever taken drugs was, “I haven’t said no,” which Morgan clearly took as suggestive that he had.

While the Labour leader refused to say whether or not he has ever munched on the devils lettuce or perhaps procured some packet, other aspects of his uni life were revealed over the course of the interview.

Starmer said: “We went to bands and went to gigs. We worked hard and played hard.” Come on, Keir, we all know what that means.

Some younger pictures of Starmer were also revealed, showing him with a touch of guyliner and a ‘Meet me at Mcdonald’s’ trim.


Great jawline (Credit: ITV)

Starmer started a law degree in 1982, getting a full grant to attend university as his family weren’t very well-off. He got a first and then did a quick master’s degree at Oxford, before moving to London where he lived above a brothel.

He went onto become a successful human rights lawyer and headed up the Crown Prosecution Service, before moving over to politics and eventually becoming leader of the Labour Party.

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