These pictures of young people getting the vaccine prove the government needs to shut up

Thousands of young people have rushed to receive their Covid vaccine early

Over 67 million people in the UK have received at least one dose of the vaccine. But amongst the mass roll out there have been numerous media reports and government campaigns claiming that young people need to ‘do our bit’ and accept the vaccine. But for us to accept the vaccine we need to be offered it.

Last month The Tab surveyed 25,000 young people asking whether they will accept the vaccine once offered it and found that 94 per cent said they do plan on getting vaccinated. Last week, this was proven true with thousands of young people queuing at walk-in vaccine centres at Twickenham Stadium and Belmont Health Centre, Harrow.

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Queues were described as bigger than Glastonbury as up to 15,000 doses were offered to young people who had not yet been vaccinated.

These pictures of young people getting vaccinated prove the government is wrong and young people do not need to be shamed into the vaccine.

Lorna-Marie, 27, London

Image credit: @MissLMaynard

Abby, 23, London

Image credit: @twcuddleston

Sara, 18, London

Image credit: Sara Abuzaid

Samuel, 28, London

Image credit: @samueldhopkins

Scott, 25, London

Image credit: @hickey1101

Sam, 20, London

Image credit: @SamJHammond14

Chloe, 20, London

Image credit: @chloexylee

Aisling, 23, London

Image credit: @_AislingTaylor

Becca, 20, Doncaster

Image credit: Becca Beioley

Doug, 26, London

Image credit: @DougMorton

Jamie, 26, London

Image credit: @Jamiemaisner

Leigh, 23, Scotland

Image credit: @leighmclevy

Kate, 23, London

Image credit: @cuppaktea Kate and her boyfriend decided to spend their anniversary getting vaccinated together

Jordan, 27, London

Image credit: @Jordan_B_London

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