Young people called out the government’s BS from day one, but no one listened

Everything Dominic Cummings said yesterday, we said in March 2020

Left-wing young people have been bang on with every single observation we have made about the government’s handling of the pandemic. By now, we’ve all seen Dominic Cummings shit-show yesterday. He spent the entire day reciting the same things young people have been saying since March 2020.

He essentially named and shamed the ministers who aren’t fit for their jobs and claimed Boris Johnson’s leadership is unethical. Young people called this from the start. We have said the government have no clue what they are doing, they’re criminally incompetent to the point of literal mass murder. It shouldn’t be a question of whether Cummings is telling the truth or not. The real question is: “why the fuck didn’t you listen to young people when they first said it over a year ago?”


Whilst older generations were out voting Tory, young people were calling the government out on their bullshit. The Tory party attempted a mass gas lighting of an entire political generation, but we saw right through their bullshit. They tried to push us aside, claiming we were naive and had no idea what we were talking about when they really should have focused more on not murdering thousands of people.

We read the facts, we understood the abomination we were facing, and we analysed how the government were catastrophically slow with their response. We are still faced with a Tory party who choose to not inform the public, or themselves for that matter, about the real atrocious reality we endured over the course of this pandemic.

Our time as a political generation will come and people will soon realise we were right all along.

We have been made to feel cynical because of the facts we spoke and opinions we shared on the government’s violent management and so-called control over the pandemic. How clear do we have to be? Over 120,000 have died because the government mistreated and abandoned an entire nation of people.

Before you start thinking young people want sympathy for everything we have lost in the pandemic, it’s much simpler that that. What we actually want is to just be heard and acknowledged. Everything we called out is yet to be proven wrong by the Tory party so clearly we know what we are talking about.

The most distressing part of all of this is the fact young people not even surprised by it and we don’t expect adults to stop voting Tory and giving our monstrous government a majority for, at least, the next decade. People’s opinions won’t budge because they’re not willing to listen to young people and realise how unsafe it truly is keeping this bumbling idiot in power.

Young people are galvanising, and we won’t stop until we are heard and taken seriously.

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