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Quiz: Ok let’s settle it once and for all, which of the Friends are you?

Pls be Phoebe

Everyone has their favourite Friends character. Most people love Rachel, no one likes Ross and everyone agrees Phoebe would be the most fun on a night out. But which of them are you actually most like? It’s time to find out with this Friends character quiz.

By answering 11 questions on your personality and opinions you’ll be able to find out which of the six you’re most like. You may have already have a good idea who is your Friends twin. Those who are funny and self depreciating are like Chandler. Those who are bossy and ambitious are just like Monica. And the spoilt princesses who always deny they’re spoilt are basically Rachel.

But there are other things that will determine who you’re most like, such as your relationship with your parents and how you like to spend a Sunday.

To find out which of the six Friends you are, take our Friends character quiz:

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