Everything you need to know about Italian Eurovision winner, Damiano David

How can he be 22 and that sexy??

Unless you have been living under a rock without Eurovision, you will no doubt recognise the sexy Italian man the whole world is now simping after. His name is Damiano David, and he is singlehandedly bringing back guy liner.

Damiano was born in Rome on 8th January 1999, making him 22 years old, a Capricorn, and already more of an icon than any of us. Astonishingly, he is the eldest member of the band Måneskin, with Thomas the youngest being only 20. The band have said Harry Styles is their inspiration, and with long locks, tattoos, abs, and leather, the resemblance is clear. Just watch Damiano perform ‘Kiwi’ to see a grungier, sexier Harry reincarnate.

Eurovision isn’t the first time Måneskin, which means ‘Moonlight’ in Danish, have performed on TV. The band rose to fame on the Italian version of X Factor in 2017 and secured a strong following – you only have to look at them to wonder why. Their winning Eurovision song ‘Zitti e Buoni’ translates to ‘shut up and be quite’, and if it’s coming from him, I’m happy to oblige.

In the heartbreaking news nobody wanted to hear, Damiano is reportedly a taken man. Apparently he recently announced his engagement to his long-time girlfriend Giorgia Soleri on his Instagram story. Although they do follow each other, they bizarrely have no actual posts together, and until I am provided with concrete proof he is taken, ignorance is bliss.

In the meantime, Damiano David’s Instagram is a goldmine of posts, where we find out he can cook:

And takes dismantling gender norms in his stride:

Credit: Instagram

Really it’s a collection of photos of him shirtless and smoking, making me wish all men would start wearing eyeliner. If this is what Italian men look like, I know where I’m going once we can travel again.

Featured image credit: @ykaaar

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