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Quiz: Plan a Eurovision performance and we’ll tell you how many points you’d get

Representing the UK? Nil poi!


Eurovision performances are like nothing else. These days they’re full of fire, confetti cannons, huge dance productions, ridiculous costumes and the songs end up going viral on TikTok and being stuck in your head for months. So, have you ever wondered how you’d fair? If you have, this Eurovision performance quiz is about to answer your biggest life question.

Are you going to blow everyone’s mind with a show stopping performance of fire, catchy lyrics, a drop dead gorgeous outfit and lasers across the stage? Or will your performance get 100 streams and everyone will forget it by Sunday morning? Or maybe you try too hard, set your fancy dress costume alight and only get a billion YouTube views because you catastrophically fell off the stage and landed on an innocent audience member.

Now is the time to find out if you’d be a Eurovision star or a complete flop, based on the performance you create in the following quiz. Sorry in advance if it’s a great big 0 points for you.

Plan your Eurovision performance in the quiz below to find out how you would score:

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