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Ranked: The incredibly high net worths of the Friends cast

Could they BE any richer?

It’s been 17 years since the last episode of Friends aired and in that time the cast have still managed to make millions from the show, but just who is the richest of them all and what are their net worths?

The six main cast members ended up making millions throughout the 10 seasons with each of them being paid $1million per episode in the final season. And even since the show wrapped they all receive around $20million every year in royalties.

Though they all had a similar amount of money from Friends, since then they’ve all done wildly different projects and made different investments that means their net worths are significantly different. I’m talking the one with the highest net worth has more than double some of their other cast mates.

These are the net worths of the Friends cast ranked from very impressive to omg that’s an insane amount of money:

6. Matt Le Blanc – $80million

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The Friends cast member with the lowest net worth is Matt Le Blanc who is estimated to have $80million. Although at nearly $100million I wouldn’t be too sad about that.

Matt is thought to have made his money from his acting career, namely his time in Friends.

But that’s not all. He is also thought to have made £2million from his hosting role on Top Gear and makes $200,000 per episode of the show Man With A Plan.

5. David Schwimmer – $85million

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Next up is David Schwimmer who is just a little bit richer than Matt. Like Matt, the majority of David’s money comes from his acting roles.

There’s obviously his role as Ross, but also the iconic role of Melman the giraffe in Madagascar and Robert Kardashian in American Crime Story.

4. Lisa Kudrow – $90million

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I always forget how many roles Lisa Kudrow has actually had after Friends, which explains why she has a net worth of $90million.

She’s appeared in Boss Baby, Booksmart and her own show Web Therapy. Lisa has also been pretty clever with her property investments, including selling a $3million mansion in Utah.

3. Matthew Perry – $120million

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Ok so ngl I did not expect Matthew Perry to have this high a net worth, but apparently his clever property investments have got him a decent net worth of $120million.

In 2018 he sold a home for £12.5million after buying it for $8.5million a few years earlier, thus getting him a $4million profit. He then did a similar thing with a recent penthouse that he listed for $35million after buying it for $20million.

Of course his work on Friends, 17 Again and numerous other TV appearances will have significantly contributed to his net worth.

2. Courteney Cox – $150million

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The second highest net worth of the Friends cast belongs to Courteney Cox. Courteney has managed to make a her mega net worth from Friends, where she is still getting royalties 20 years on.

She also earned $275,000 per episode of Cougar Town. The show ran for six years, so you do the maths.

Courteney has also increased her net worth with a partnership with Pantene, real estate and her own production company.

1. Jennifer Aniston – $300million

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Steaming ahead with the highest net worth of the Friends cast is Jennifer Aniston who has double the net worth of her cast mates at $300million.

Her first biggest source of income was appearing in Friends where she is estimated to have made around $90million for being on the show across 10 years. This is then before royalties of reruns of the show that she will still be collecting today.

There’s then all her other acting work since. She’s been in 44 movies across her career and reportedly requests $8million as a pay check per movie. Jennifer also made $2million per episode of The Morning Show on Apple TV.

Acting aside, Jennifer has made millions from her adverts and partnership deals. Over the years she’s worked with brands such as Diet Coke, Microsoft and Emirates Airlines.

Featured image credit via Instagram @courteneycoxofficial

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