We asked waiting staff who the worst people in pub gardens are right now

For goodness sake stop COMPLAINING ABOUT THE COLD

While most of us are out knocking back pints in our local pub garden making up for lost time, bar staff are working extremely hard trying to make sure everything runs smoothly. It’s easy to forget that while you’re just out to have a laugh and get rat-arsed on whatever’s cheapest, waiting staff have to deal with your BS and are judging you the entire time.

As soon as you step foot into that pub garden you have two choices: being a decent, considerate human being, or just being an absolute wanker.

We asked waiting staff at pubs and bars who the worst types of people in pub gardens are, and the likelihood is you probably fit into one of these categories. From secretly switching tables to pretending you haven’t heard it’s closing time, these are the types of people most hated by waiting staff right now:

People who complain about the weather all day

“I’m so sick of people constantly complaining about the cold and rain when they know they’ll be sitting outside. If you choose to come inappropriately dressed for British weather there’s nothing I can do about it, so stop making such a fuss.” – Sarah

People who move tables without telling us

“Even before Covid, it’s annoying when people move tables without letting staff know, but now it completely messes up our booking system. We’ve allocated tables specifically for bookings and walk-ins, so if you choose to secretly move table you create a series of knock-on effects which just causes extra stress for us”. – Harriet

“We understand that you want to be as close to the heater as possible, but please actually ask if you can move table first. Before you move we have to clear and clean it, as well as make sure your server actually knows where you are”. – Sarah

People who still act like the Covid measures don’t apply to them

“You’d think by now people would know they have to sign in on the door and wear a face covering when walking around, but there’s always someone that acts like it’s the most annoying thing in the world. It’s the law so please just do it.” – Joe

“It’s not that hard to wear your mask properly when walking around the garden or going to the toilet. The amount of people who don’t cover their nose is so irritating. I promise you it’s much worse for us having to wear them constantly while we work, you can deal with it for a 30 second walk.” – Harriet

“After a year of Covid you kind of assume most people know to pay with card rather than cash, but there’s always that one person that still acts like the world hasn’t changed and is put out when you say it’s card only.” – Jessie

Anyone with annoying drink orders 

“There’s nothing worse than tables mass ordering cocktails when we’re packed. They take too much time to make, especially when you have about 50 other things to do. Save it for when it’s two-for-one.” – Sarah

Customers being sassy for no good reason

“This should go without saying, but treat your waiting staff with respect. Just because you’re drunk doesn’t mean your manners can suddenly go out the window. We’re working extremely hard right now and the last thing we need is for you to treat us like your personal servant.” – Jessie

“Some people get so arsey when their drink doesn’t arrive immediately after they’ve ordered it, even though they know we’re extremely busy. Being a twat won’t make it come any quicker, all it does is make us significantly like you less.” – Sarah

People who don’t take the booking time slot seriously

“If you miss your time slot don’t get angry when we tell you we’ve given your table to someone else. Most evenings we’re fully booked so if you’re late there’s nothing I can do apart from say join the back of the walk-in line.” – Joe

“We make it very clear that you only have the table for a couple of hours so there’s no reason for you to act all surprised and annoyed when we tell you we need it back.” – Harriet

Anyone who’s a complete and utter mess

“I get that this is the closest you can get to a night out right now, but when you start screaming and accidentally smashing glasses because you’re completely off your face at 4:00 pm we have an issue.” – Jessie

People who order drinks five minutes before closing

“Don’t order a drink right before closing because you think we’ll just let you stay. We won’t. You know full well it’s time to leave, and unlike you I actually have to stay and tidy up.” – Joe

“We absolutely hate when a big group turns up near the end of the night, as you just know they’ll make a massive order right when you want to start packing away.” – Jessie

People who pretend they haven’t heard that it’s time to go

“If I have to tell you more than once that you need to leave, then you’re definitely not in my good books. At the end of the night all we want to do is clear away as quickly as possible so we can go home. If you’re still trying to hang around and pretend that you haven’t heard that it’s time to go, then you’re just unnecessarily prolonging that whole process”. – Harriet

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