We asked DJs who the worst types of people on the dancefloor are

For the love of god GET OFF YOUR PHONES

Being a DJ seems like an absolute blast, and more often than not it is. Playing an endless number of tunes each night for people stumbling around who just got a deal for two VKs, nothing could go wrong. Despite this, there are some things that clubbers do that just rub DJs the wrong way.

There are always certain types of people on the club dancefloors, from those who have been dragged out by their pals and are looking to escape to Maccies, or the hyped-up group who take up the dancefloor doing absolutely anything to get the attention on them. From the wannabe breakdancer to the slut dropping superstar, there are always things clubbers do that get on DJs’ nerves.

Making requests

“I don’t mind requests but when people don’t stick to the genre or the event style. I’ve been asked at gigs DJing DnB whether I could put the likes of Beyonce and The Killers on in the past. When people go to events they should know what the event is about and what style of music is played so that the DJ will respect their request.” – Luke

“I don’t get annoyed at song requests, to be honest, but many DJs do. If they’re completely off the genre of the room/night then yeah it can get annoying but most of my crowds know what to expect.” – Andy

“Song requests literally get ignored 95 per cent of the time and 100 per cent of the time whoever put the request in doesn’t notice that it’s not been played.” – Ollie

“Requests are not a problem, but most of the time people are requesting songs for themselves. My job is to entertain the majority not the minority. Unfortunately, a track from Drake’s second album or EP that’s just dropped won’t entertain the masses.” – Dan

Signalling to turn the song off

“The worst thing is if they don’t like a song, signal to you to turn it off. Yeah, don’t do that! We play 100+ songs a night, you’re not going to like everyone. Like the person next to you won’t like everyone.” – Andy

Kissing on the dancefloor

“Another annoying thing when DJing is having to look up to see how the crowd is reacting and the first sorts of people right in front of the DJ booth is two people getting off, it’s a horrible and cringy sight for anyone DJing.” – Luke

“Unless it’s someone I’ve been eyeing up! Nah I’m joking, it doesn’t bother me.” – Andy

Amateur DJs

“Happens most the time but you will get someone now and then who will come up to you and say they are a DJ and ask if they have a go. 100 per cent of the time the DJ will say no and ask you to go away.” – Luke

“When people get drunk they suddenly turn into DJs in their minds. It’s so annoying when people lean over and start touching all the equipment, having some heavily intoxicated person scratching on the decks thinking they’re killing it is super frustrating.” – Ollie

Crowding into the DJ Booth

“A lot of people always ask if they can come and stand beside you in the DJ booth and it’s irritating as you’re trying to take your job seriously and someone has a drink in their hand no doubt a bit tipsy and I see thousands of pounds worth of equipment. It isn’t us being rude but we just can’t let anyone with drinks near the equipment. The DJ booth is made to be where the DJ plays, not a storage room or a side to put drinks on. A lot of people think they can ask you if they can put their bags or drink or coats but that’s not our job to do. If you do leave us your drink we may well just drink it anyway.” – Luke

Waiting for

“The most annoying thing ever is when drunk people at the front lean over the equipment with drinks in their hands, there’s about six grand’s worth of tech and it’s so nerve-wracking to see someone waving a double vodka coke over it all.” – Ollie

“When you hit the next level of drunk and mistake the DJ booth for the bar you know it’s probably time to go home.” – Dan

Looking bored

“You might well be shy or quiet or just plain boring but standing at the side looking bored is a real mood killer. The DJ is there to entertain and we just want to see people enjoy themselves not stand at the side with a drink in their hand looking moody all night.” – Luke

“There are always people who have a look on their face like they just wanna go home. Don’t think it’s boredom, more tiredness.” – Ollie

“My personal gripe is people constantly on their phones on the dancefloor. Put your phone away and enjoy the moment and have a party.” – Dan

Causing fights

“It’s always going to happen and can’t change but drunken idiots in the crowd trying to start fights, arguments, or just falling over everywhere. Just take it outside the club we don’t need it in there.” – Luke

“People act differently when drunk. I think everyone can give the happy drunk just having a good time but when people get aggressive just have to get them out there ASAP.” – Andy

“Never had a fight break out, although if one ever did I’m thinking I could just drop some classical music to calm everyone down.” – Ollie


“On a positive note we are there to do our job and yeah it is a fun job – can’t complain. We like to enjoy playing the tunes for people and enjoy seeing people have a drink and a good time with mates, so as long as you’re there to appreciate the music have a dance and a good time it then makes us enjoy it as well.” – Luke

“It’s pretty rare that people cause any issues, most of the crowd just want to dance and pull.” – Ollie

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