Make an iced coffee order and we’ll tell you what uni you should have gone to

Iced oat caramel latte? Exeter

Everyone drinks coffee. Even if you don’t necessarily like it, you drink it for the caffeine, and then for the subsequent caffeine addiction. So what better way of judging the uni that a person should go to through the medium of coffee? Due to the good weather, the judging will be done through iced coffee, because #summervibez x

With the likes of Pret, Costa and Nero running a roaring trade in uni cities, there is no shortage of our favourite bean juice. The question however, is what you choose to do with said liquid. Do you add flavourful syrups? What type of milk do you use? What garments do you wear on your caffeine purchasing mission? And most importantly – what does this say about you?

These appear to be simple questions, but they go deeper than that. Your iced coffee order reflects who you are as a person. So, plan a beverage and we’ll tell you which uni you really should have gone to:

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