QUIZ: Which Billie Eilish era are you, really?

Yes, changing your hair colour is a personality trait x

Billie Eilish defines not only the genre but the entire generation of Gen Z melancholy pop. Despite her timeless sound Billie broke into the mainstream following the success of her 2017 track Ocean Eyes. From that point onward, not only would her music develop and mature drastically over the next five years, but so would her style – most specifically, her iconic locks. Undergoing multiple hair transformations is hardly unusual for a pop icon. Billie’s looks seem more significant because they equally reflect a metamorphosis of her melodic style.

Before Billie’s transition into the new blonde British Vogue bombshell, she has gone through seven distinctive stages. A young Belieber Billie first found her feet as the silver-haired singer most known for her debut album Don’t Smile At Me. Her lavender moment gave us not only a darker appearance but also the beginning of an edgier sound, followed closely by her bright blue and ink-black hair looks. Billie’s neon green roots are bright enough to remain vividly in recent memory, even with her new platinum bangs becoming viral on Instagram.

With each era just as tempting as the last, it can feel impossible to answer the age-old question: Which Billie Eilish era are you, really? Are you as emotionally intense as Lovely? As cut-throat as Bad Guy? Or as ominous as Everything I Wanted?

Luckily enough, you just so happen to have stumbled across an easy way to find out. Take the quiz below to find out which Billie Eilish era you really are:

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