Plan a three course dinner and we’ll tell you which celebrity chef you are

Anything but Heston

How could you not be a dinner party person? Yeah, I know you’re forced to socialise with the kind of people you’d sometimes definitely rather not, but what better occasion to feel more adult than getting a little boozed, eating a heap of really nice food and trying to put the world right one argument at a time? Just imagine a dinner party hosted by a celebrity chef – getting smashed with Jamie Oliver and then starting up the whole turkey dinosaur fiasco?

Or what about Nigella passing you the immaculate smoked salmon canopes, then Gordon smacking a huge chateaubriand on the table… what could be better? Well, each celebrity chef has their own vibe, and we’re about to find out which one you most closely align with. Choosing a starter, main and dessert (with a few fun little dinner party activities thrown in between), let’s see which chef embodies the cooking styles that you’d personally choose.

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