Gordon Ramsay is roasting people for their cooking and it’s as savage as you’d expect

‘That looks like my Grandad’s colostomy bag’ is a personal fav

It’s no secret that Gordon Ramsay loves a good roast. From the el classico “idiot sandwich,” to a very ballsy “you deserve a kick in the nuts,” he’s the chef we love but don’t deserve.

His exploits on Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares left chefs terrified, and earned him his fiery and sweary rep, but sitting at home we have always been safe from Ramsay’s rathe. Until now, that is, because recently Ramsay’s moved to TikTok.

In the spirit of the last few months, the roasting is now virtual – and it can happen at any time, any place. We’ve rounded up all the best vids of home cooks getting slaughtered, and honestly, it makes for pure viewing pleasure.

“That looks like my Grandad’s colostomy bag”

@gordonramsayofficialWagyu shouldn’t be in a bag…..##ramsayreacts ##duet with @buoyboys ##fyp♬ Ameno hatsune miku – clod_boie

I don’t know who I feel more sorry for, Gordon’s Grandad getting his colostomy bag exposed to literally millions, or this poor chef who thinks he’s found a way to make Wagyu from cheap steak. Tbf, the way he slaps the meat on the table does make all Gordon’s comments completely justified – don’t worry, only 41.2m people have seen it. And counting.

“In the microwave, are you kidding me?”

@gordonramsayofficialThis is what happens when you send me your dishes……##ramsayreacts ##duet with @jchelle36♬ original sound – jchelle36

Mmm, classic British fish and chips. And flour, egg yolk, sugar, and root beer, of course. In this TikTok, Ramsay actually seems like an angry Louis Theroux. He’s trying so hard not to swear, and with 20 minutes of microwaved fish I can only imagine how difficult that must be.

“Trust me, there’s only one Joe Wicks”

@gordonramsayofficialThere only needs to be one naked chef…..##RamsayReacts ##duet with @temp_tation ##fyp♬ original sound – temp_tation

There’s something quite odd about hearing Ramsay call someone a “donut”, instead of a “complete f*cking twat”. Maybe lockdown’s changed him. Or maybe he just doesn’t want to get his TikTok banned. Either way, it’s making him more creative and the comparison to shirtless chef boy’s wallpaper paste isn’t only entertaining, it’ also very accurate.

“Heart attack sandwich, one bite and you’re gone”

@gordonramsayofficialThis is a dessert ##idiotsandwich !!!##duet with @pleesecakes ##ramsayreacts ##fyp♬ Rags2Riches (feat. ATR Son Son) – Rod Wave

In fairness to whoever made this, it actually looks very nice. It’s the video where Ramsay genuinely looks the most disappointed, and if you look closely you can see very small, chocolate tears in the corners of his eyes. Heart attack sandwich > idiot sandwich.

“You don’t know how craaaap you are”

@gordonramsayofficialBritain’s Got Talent got a new chef…..##duet with @elburritomonster ##fyp ##ramsayreacts♬ original sound – elburritomonster

The fact that the recipe is sung in tune to Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball actually accompanies Ramsay’s disgust quite nicely. In the interest of balance, I must also state that the final product looks significantly better than most dishes I’ve seen at uni. If Ramsay thinks that’s crap, my take on Mexican lasagne is staying well away from TikTok.

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